Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate ~ St. Louis, Missouri

St. Louis is home to an adorable family run chocolate family. The family had three children, which is why they chose to use three “chocolates” in their name. They have several locations around the St. Louis area, but if you head to “The Hill” neighborhood, you can tour the factory where all the candies are made. We chose to do this over our spring break.

Since it is a functioning factory, you are required to wear closed toe shoes for the tour and must wear the paper hat they provide for you. You don’t have to reserve a spot on the tour, but it’s highly recommended to make sure they do have space. The day we toured, about 3 other families were along as well.

The first thing we saw on the tour was a close up of their caramels being cut into squares. You also got a nice view of the sheets or caramel before they were cut.

After learning about the caramels, you could turn your attention to two rooms that had glass viewing windows. One was the baking area, where all of their mixers were located. The other was a room where they created all of the “fillings” that aren’t caramel. They were working on marshmallow the day we were there. I can’t remember for certain but I think each filling has a two or three day process to it. They have to go through the various temperature phases as you can see on the doors.

Following the viewing through the windows, we turned our attention back to the main factory floor. The day we visited they were in the process of created sea salt caramels. We could watch the caramel travel down the conveyor belt to get a top layer of chocolate, followed by a bottom and another top layer, and then finally be sprinkled with sea salt.

IMG_6022 IMG_6023


That pretty much concludes the tour. It’s 20 minutes tops, but for a free tour I felt like you got a lot of information. You also get a free sample at the end. For an addtional fee you can try out some more samples in their tasting room.

We opted to just purchase some chocolates on our own. We got a package of sea salt caramels, as well as a package of peanut butter smoothies (these were our favorite!) We also decided to try their truffles deal. You could pick any 3 large truffles for ten dollars. We went with S’more, Triple Chocolate Cake (I think that was the name), and Cookies and Cream. Of those three we liked the Triple Chocolate the most.


A trip to Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate should not be missed if you are in the area! You won’t be disappointed!

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