Mississippi Bucket List- Capital/River Region

Here is a region of Mississippi that we actual visited about a year and a half ago, but I’m realizing as I write this list that there was so much in the area we still missed out on! I guess that’s what we get for making this area a pit stop on the way to New Orleans!


  • Canton Movie Museums: I’m not sure how much in this museum would interest me, but apparently several movies have been made in Canton and the museum includes props from those movies.


  • Natchez National Historical Park: We’ve visited here on our trip, but only toured the outside of the houses due to timing and hours that they were open. I’d love to go back and take the actual tours.
  • Bluff’s Park: We briefly walked along the Bluff on a trail near the visitor center when getting our National Park Passport stamped, but I’m sure this park be a beautiful way to take in the river views.


  • Mississippi Museum of History: I love visiting state museums to learn the history. This was being remodeled when we took our trip so we missed out on visiting.
  • Mississippi Civil Rights Museum: This is located next to the Museum of History so you might as well visit both at once. I think this museum would be especially interesting given it’s location in Jackson which was a pivotal place of the Civil Rights movement.
  • International Museum of Muslim Cultures: Growing up in the Lutheran Church, I think this would be a fascinating museum to visit and probably eye opening as well.
  • Civil Rights Driving Tour: This would be a fun way to visit lots of key sites from the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Old State Capitol Museum: While in Jackson we toured the current state capitol building, but I don’t believe the old one was open while we were in town.
  • Mississippi State Capitol: This should be on anyone’s list who is visiting Jackson. You can read about our visit here.
  • Mississippi Agriculture and Forestry Museum: I think this would be a great way to learn about some of Mississippi’s great industries.


  • Vicksburg National Military Park: We stopped by Vicksburg for several hours on our way down to New Orleans. It was well worth the visit and you’ll definitely want to give yourself the day to see it all if you go.
  • Biedenharn Coca-Cola Museum: I’m sure it’s probably small, but I’m sad we missed this place! This is where Coca-Cola was first bottled!

All attractions have been found in the 2018 Mississippi Travel Guide


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