Mississippi Bucket List- Pines Region

The third region of Mississippi that we will explore via Bucket List is the Pines Region.


  • Friends of Armory Museum Model Railroad Exhibit: I’ve always enjoyed seeing displays of model railroads so this should be neat to check out.
  • Bill’s Hamburgers: I don’t usually post restaurants in my Bucket List series, but this one has been around for 75 years and featured on Travel Channel.


  • Dunn’s Falls: I love a good hike to a waterfall!


  • Kosciusko Museum and Visitor Center: This is Oprah’s hometown, so it seems worth a stop.


  • “Around Town Carousels Abound”: Meridian is home to a large carousel, but I’d much rather see the artwork inspired by said carousel.


  • Ulysses S. Grant Presidential Library: I find any presidential library fascinating!

All attractions were found in the 2018 Mississippi Travel Guide


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