Jones-Confluence Point State Park ~ West Alton, MO

One of the great things about living in Missouri is that the State Parks are free to visit. On a warmer day in January, we decided to pay Jones-Confluence Point State Park a visit and get walk in while seeing something new.

Our trek to the park was a little more than we bargained for! It had rained for a few days prior and unbeknownst to us, the road out to the park is all dirt through several farm fields. However, we did finally make it to the parking lot. There is a nice welcome area with a few signs and a bathroom. Part of the trail is paved so you could use it if you were handicapped. After a short, cold, muddy walk, we reached the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Here again some of the area was paved.


The initial confluence marker is located right at the end of the trail, but there is also another closer to the river. There also is a marker showing how high the water reached during some of the major floods that have happened in the area.

The Mississippi River is to the left in the pictures and the Missouri was to the right. As you can see lots of ice chunks were flowing into the Mississippi from the Missouri. I was really excited to see them as you can only see something like that if you time a visit just right.


I really enjoyed our visit to the confluence, but would highly recommend visiting in warmer weather and much dryer weather.

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