Amore Pizza ~ Florissant, MO

In January we decided to go out for pizza at a local family owned pizzeria here in Florissant. It’s located in a strip mall location near the historic part of the town. They have a few high top tables located near the front window and a few other smaller tables to the side.

We were greeted by a chipper server who supplied us with menus and took our drink order.

They have pizza, sandwiches, and salads, as well as appetizers and desserts. I took a closer picture of the latter two as there was a glare on the first photo.

We decided to each get a 10 inch pizza of our choosing. I ordered my standard cheese pizza and Andrew decided to try the Meat Lover’s. St. Louis is famous for Provel cheese on pizza, but here you can choose between that or standard Mozzarella, or if you want a nice mixture of the two. I decided to be adventurous and go for the mixture.

Since they make the pizzas fresh it did take a little bit for our pizzas to arrive at the table. We did get to enjoy the added entertainment of what appeared to be a drug bust in the parking lot a few shops over. I promise that’s not the norm in the area which is what made it even more entertaining!


The wait was well worth it for the pizza! Mine was especially cheesy! For thin crust pizza I really enjoyed it. I’m not normally a thin crust person. Andrew said he would definitely come back and I wouldn’t say no either!

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