Blueberry Hill ~ St. Louis, Missouri

We couldn’t move away from St. Louis without first visiting the iconic Blueberry Hill diner located in the Delmar Loop. This diner is known for it’s great collection of pop-culture collectibles as well as the live music they offer on select evenings. The late Chuck Berry himself used to perform there once a month.

Blueberry Hill takes up an impressive amount of space. They have several large dining areas. The seating ranges from booths to tables, all nestled around cases of pop-culture collections.


We opted to sit in a booth to the right of the entrance. We really enjoyed the old Scrabble board that was incorporated into the table.

As you can see, the menu is pretty extensive for a diner. Andrew decided to get a St. Louis standard of toasted ravioli, while I opted for a burger and the intriguing Buffalo Fries.

While we waited for our food, I choose to wander about the area, taking in several of the display cases located near our table. There sure were lots of childhood memories to relive!

One of my favorite areas was the Pac-Man room. Now I know Pac-Man is way before my time, but I still always enjoyed playing it as a kid. I thought the board game and life size mural were definitely awesome and was a little sad we hadn’t been seated back in this room!

After winding my way back through the rooms to our table, our food arrived shortly. Andrew loved his ravioli. My burger was pretty standard as far as diner food goes, and the Buffalo fries were good, but not as spicy as I had anticipated. I also was disappointed that several of them were too thin the really have that nice potato taste to them. The thicker ones were definitely my favorite.

I’m glad we stopped in for lunch to see the eclecticism of the diner, but wouldn’t make a point to come for food regularly as it was pretty run of the mill and service was slow as there were so many visiting tour buses of people that were there at the same time. If that’s how it was during the week in the winter, I can only imagine how busy it must get during peak tourism season.

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