Georgia Bucket List: Historic Heartland

Finally back on the Bucket List bandwagon! This will be the 5th of 9 installments for Georgia! I’m still using the 2017 Georgia travel guide to pick out options of places to visit, since that’s what I used for researching all the others, but I’m eagerly awaiting my new 2018 Florida guide so that the next state will have the most up to date information. This bucket list is a little shorter than some of the others, but I suppose you can’t be interested in everything in each area!


  • State Botanical Garden of Georgia: I love any and all botanical gardens and often take far too many flower pictures!


  • Uncle Remus Museum: Who doesn’t want to check out Uncle Remus’ cabin and hear stories about Br’er Rabbit?

Fort Valley

  • Lane Southern Orchards: Okay, so I actually have been here already on a family trip down to Florida in 2005. But I do remember how cool it was to see the peach process!


  • The Cannonball House: This sounds like fun seeing as how it’s named for damage it sustained during the Civil War.
  • Ocmulgee National Mounument: This is part of my National Park Passport, so it’s a must! Plus you get to check out a reconstructed earth lodge.

Warner Robins

  • Museum of Aviation: I threw this one in more for Andrew than me as he loves to check out old warplanes.

As I said, there’s the short and sweet list for this area of Georgia!


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