Busch Stadium~ St. Louis, Missouri

One of our favorite things to do in St. Louis is take in a Cardinals baseball game at least once a season. We personally like to go on days where they give out some free sway. Yes, usually this means you have to get there early and wait in line outside the stadium, but as long as it’s not a ridiculously hot St. Louis summer day, it’s usually not that bad to wait. This summer we got a nice coaster set as the free giveway, but in past years we’ve also received jerseys and baseball hats.

We always also take the Metro over to the stadium so that we don’t have to worry about parking prices in a lot downtown. Round trip this costs 5 bucks a person, so for us paying 10 bucks total instead of probably 20 or higher for parking downtown is very worth it! However, if you are bringing a large group of people, you are probably better just paying to park the car. They tend to offer flat rate prices in the parking garages for sporting events rather than paying by the hour. For us, we also factor in the fact that traffic is much easier to navigate when taking the metro so we don’t have to wind our way out of the parking garage for half an hour after the game. But more on why we love the Metro in another post.


We always tend to get tickets on the upper level along the first base line, but find it easiest to enter by the third base entrance as that’s nearest the metro stop. This also allows us to take a nice stroll through everything the stadium has to offer if we turn to the left once going in. We love to check out the Cardinals merchandise at the team store. Concessions are fairly evenly spread throughout the lower level, and of course they also have concessions on every other level as well. Out towards second base, they have another store where you can purchase used bats and balls, as well as other signed memorabilia for a pretty penny. They also have a small shop near the escalators on the first base side and the restaurants located there are just that, more restaurant food than concession food if you are feeling like you want something a little more hearty.

AS you can see, even way up in our “nosebleed” seats the view is pretty nice. I mean, who doesn’t love the iconic Gateway Arch hanging out in the background? Another thing we love about Busch Stadium is that they do allow you to bring your own food in, as long as it’s in a soft sided thermal. They will search your bags on the way in, but we’ve never had any problems. If you are looking for a cheap way to attend a major league game I highly suggest bringing your own food, and getting the seats on the upper level. We’ve been known to get tickets for just $11 depending on who the opposing team is, and a huge plus is there is a nice overhang on the upper level that provides shade from the sun and even a buffer from the rain if necessary.

Another unique feature Busch Stadium offers on the ground level is that they have their very own Build-a-Bear Workshop. Build-a-Bear is based out of St. Louis, so this makes a lot of sense. They don’t have as many options as you may find in a typical mall store, but they also offer to unique specialties, the Budweiser Clydesdale and of course, the mascot Fredbird. I happened to make a Fredbird as a souvenir a few years back. Of course be prepared for a long line of kids waiting to make their “bears,” but this is a plus side of arriving early!

Another thing Busch Stadium is known for are their “helmet” nachos and “helmet” Dippin’ Dots. Since we normally bring our own food, we’ve never gotten the Helmet nachos, but since we went on my birthday this past year, we opted to get the helmet Dippin’ Dots. You pay $7 for these (I know, pretty steep,) but you do get to keep the helmet and the lady working the cart made sure she filled it to “heaping” so we got our money’s worth!


All in all, we always have a fantastic time at a Cardinals ball game! Of course it helps when they usually win! Even if you aren’t a Cardinals or baseball fan, I highly recommend taking in a game. There’s just nothing quite like seeing a live game at the stadium!

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