Georgia Bucket List: Coast

The final installment of the Georgia Bucket List will prove to be a long list! It seems only fitting that the 9th and final post take us to Georgia’s coastal towns before moving into the Florida Bucket list series. As always, these attractions were found in the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide.


  • Earth Day Nature Trail: This is a self guided tour that takes you through marsh land.

Cumberland Island

  • Cumberland Island National Seashore: Not only is this part of my National Park Passport, it just sounds beautiful!


  • Folkston Funnel Platform: Apparently about 50 trains go through this platform in a day and is a gathering place for many train watchers.

Jekyll Island

  • Faith Chapel: This wooden chapel was built in 1904 and houses a beautiful stained glass window.
  • Georgia Sea Turtle Center: Sea Turtles! Hands on exhibits! Sounds like fun!
  • Driftwood Beach: This is a beautiful sounding beach!


  • Fort Morris State Historic Site: This fort was used in the Revolutionary War. How often do you hear about a Revolutionary War fort?


  • Historic Baptismal Trail: This is an interpretive trail that leads you through a historic area.


  • Birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low National Historic Landmark: This is where the founder of Girl Scouts grew up.
  • Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens: Another Botanical Garden! We know my love for these!
  • Fort Pulaski National Monument: Another stamp for the National Park Passport; this is a Civil War fort!
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream: This sounds like a fun retro ice cream parlor with soda fountain.
  • Old Fort Jackson: This is the oldest brick fortification in the state and was built for the Revolutionary War.
  • Savannah History Museum: I love history museums and this one is located in an old rail station. Also happens to be home to the bench that Forrest Gump sits on while waiting for the bus.

St. Marys

  • Crooked River State Park: This sounds like a beautiful area to check out and has a way to connect to the Cumberland Island Ferry.
  • St. Mary’s History Walk: I already mentioned that I love history above and always think it’s the best way to learn more about an area I’m visiting.
  • St. Mary’s Submarine Museum: This is another addition I placed on the list for Andrew.

St. Simons Island

  • Christ Church, Frederica: The Wesley’s held service where this church is located, so this site has great religious historical importance.
  • St. Simons Lighthouse Museum: We love lighthouses so this is a must!

Tybee Island

  • Cockspur Island Lighthouse: Another neat lighthouse to check out!
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse: Another lighthouse that also happens to be the oldest and tallest in Georgia.

This is a very extensive final bucket list for Georgia, mostly thanks to Savannah being a major city in this region of Georgia, plus there are lots of little Islands to enjoy!


Georgia Bucket List: Plantation Trace

Here is the 8th of 9 installments in the Georgia Bucket List series. Headed into the southern region of the state. Once again these have been taken from the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide.


  • Albany Civil Rights Institute: A nice history lesson on the Civil Rights Movement.
  • Flint RiverQuarium: How often to you get to check out an aquarium dedicated to river life or mysterious blue-hole springs?
  • Radium Springs Gardens: This is stated to be one of Georgia’s seven natural wonders, so it seems worth checking out.


  • Clinch County Honey Trail: While I am allergic to bees, I think this trail of 7 sites showing the honey process sounds fascinating.


  • The Big Oak and Big Oak Cam: It’s a giant oak tree. Enough said.
  • Pebble Hill Plantation: Since this is the Plantation Trace, I figured a plantation tour was in order.
  • Sweet Grass Dairy and Cheese Shop: Growing up in Wisconsin, I figured an award winning cow cheese farm visit just makes sense.


Georgia Bucket List: Magnolia Midlands

This is installment 7 of 9 for the state of Georgia and will be the shortest of them all! This is what happens when a certain regions doesn’t really have bigger cities in it.


  • First African Baptist Church: This is the location where MLK Jr. gave his first speech.


  • Guido Gardens: I want to check this out for the Chapel of the Pines which is open 24 hours. But any garden is always beautiful!


  •  Vidalia Onion Museum: This just certainly sounds like a unique experience!

Georgia Bucket List: Classic South

The 6th of 9 installments in the Georgia Bucket List series, here’s another short and sweet list of attractions I’d love to visit in the Classic South region.


  • International Disc Golf Center: Andrew and I both love to disc golf (although we don’t make nearly enough time for us to go out and do it on a regular basis.) This facility apparently includes 3 18-hole championship courses. We probably wouldn’t be very good, but that’s a lot of disc golf!


  • Augusta Canal National Heritage Area: This sounds like a fun way to spend some time on the water via boat tour, canoe or kayak.
  • Augusta Riverwalk: More time along the water and also probably a great way to see the downtown area
  • Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home: Another NPS site to check out, and a great chance to learn about one of the lesser known presidents.


  • Magnolia Springs State Park: This sounds like a fun place to hike and see some beautiful springs, as well as the site of a Civil War prison.

All attractions were found in Georgia’s 2017 Travel Guide.

Georgia Bucket List: Historic Heartland

Finally back on the Bucket List bandwagon! This will be the 5th of 9 installments for Georgia! I’m still using the 2017 Georgia travel guide to pick out options of places to visit, since that’s what I used for researching all the others, but I’m eagerly awaiting my new 2018 Florida guide so that the next state will have the most up to date information. This bucket list is a little shorter than some of the others, but I suppose you can’t be interested in everything in each area!


  • State Botanical Garden of Georgia: I love any and all botanical gardens and often take far too many flower pictures!


  • Uncle Remus Museum: Who doesn’t want to check out Uncle Remus’ cabin and hear stories about Br’er Rabbit?

Fort Valley

  • Lane Southern Orchards: Okay, so I actually have been here already on a family trip down to Florida in 2005. But I do remember how cool it was to see the peach process!


  • The Cannonball House: This sounds like fun seeing as how it’s named for damage it sustained during the Civil War.
  • Ocmulgee National Mounument: This is part of my National Park Passport, so it’s a must! Plus you get to check out a reconstructed earth lodge.

Warner Robins

  • Museum of Aviation: I threw this one in more for Andrew than me as he loves to check out old warplanes.

As I said, there’s the short and sweet list for this area of Georgia!

Georgia Bucket List: Presidential Pathways

Moving on to the 4th of 9 installments of the Georgia Bucket list. I’m excited for this one because I love exploring places that deal with the lives of past presidents. I always feel it’s easier to respect what they did during their terms in hind sight rather than when they are in office.


  • Habitat for Humanity Global Village and Discovery Center: This place sounds pretty amazing. You get to explore 15 different Habitat replica homes from around the world. What better way to cruise the globe than in one village in Georgia?


  • Andersonville National Historic Site: This is on my list due to the National Parks Passport I have, but I also think the National Prisoner of War Museum sounds interesting.


  • Chattahoochee Riverwalk: I always think river walks are fun to explore because there are often little local stores and restaurants along the way that I love to explore.
  • The National Civil War Naval Museum at Port Columbus: This one is on the list for my husband. He loves checking out old war ships.
  • National Infantry Museum: Another war museum on the list for my husband.


  • Georgia Veterans State Park: This sounded intriguing to me. There’s a lake for my nature side and war memorials for my husbands interest.

La Grange

  • Biblical History Center: As a future pastor’s wife this sounded intriguing. Especially the fact that it’s interactive. I love interactive museums!

Pine Mountain

  • F.D. Roosevelt State Park: This is Georgia’s largest state park but I’m drawn in by the aspect of hiking to Dowdell’s Knob, the highest point in the area!


  • Billy Carter Gas Station Museum: It’s not often you find a museum dedicated to a President’s brother, so I thought this would be worth checking out.
  • Jimmy Carter National Historic Site: Here’s the place where President Jimmy Carter grew up, plus it’s on the National Park Site Bucket List.

Warm Springs

  • Roosevelt’s Little White House State Historic Site: This was FDR’s vacation home. I’ve never been to any president’s vacation home, so it seems worth checking out.

As always there’s much more to be found around the area. Follow along with my travel adventures on Instagram by following sitesandbitesjournal.

All information gathered from the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide.


Georgia Bucket List: Atlanta Metro

It’s time for the third installment of my Georgia Bucket List series! I know it’s been awhile but what can I say, summer is a time for traveling, which means I spend less time online writing about what I wish to see and more time actually seeing those things!

I’m excited about today, because although I’ve driven through Georgia twice on the way to Disney, I’ve never actually had a chance to stop and explore Atlanta, and it’s one of those places I really hope to get to!


  • College Footbal Hall of Fame: Football is one of my favorite things, so I figure this would be a pretty fun place to check out!
  • Atlanta Monetary Museum: A museum about money? Sounds like an interesting time!
  • Georgia State Capitol and Governor’s Mansion: Anytime I visit a state capitol, checking out these two locations is a must!
  • Underground Atlanta: Shopping center located underground!
  • The Varsity: The largest drive-in
  • Center for Puppetry Arts: This holds the largest collection of Jim Henson puppet’s in the world, so it’s safe to say a good time would be had here.
  • American Girl Store: I’ve made it my goal in life to visit every American Girl store as I am an avid collector.
  • Atlanta Braves and Falcons Stadiums: While I will always bleed Green and Gold for Football and root for my St. Louis Cards, I still enjoy seeing the other facilities teams get to play in.
  • Atlanta History Center: Whenever I visit a new area I like to take in their history museum. I usually find it gives me a great idea of how the city and area came to be what it is today.
  • Centennial Olympic Park: I am an Olympics super fan, so to visit the park that helps remember the 1996 Olympic Games is a dream come true!
  • Center for Civil and Human Rights: After visiting the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis last summer, I’ve found there’s so much I don’t know and I’m always looking to learn more.
  • Georgia Aquarium: This is the world’s largest aquarium, so I’d say it’s safe to say I’d have a great time here since I’ve loved pretty much any aquarium I’ve already been to.
  • Inside CNN Studio Tour: While it’s a rare occasion that I actually watch the news, I still think it would be fascinating to take a tour of a news studio.
  • Jimmy Carter Presidential Library: A chance to check another presidential library off my list!
  • Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park: Civil War battle field that would get me another stamp in my National Park Passport.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site: A chance to see the birthplace of the great MLK Jr.
  • World of Coca-Cola: While I’m not a fan of Coca-cola in general, I’ve heard from many that this is a must, plus you get to try Coke from different countries, so maybe I’d actually find one I like.
  • Zoo Atlanta: I love zoos and it’s always fun to see how different cities put together unique exhibits.


  • Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area: Not only located along a beautiful river, this also would earn me a stamp in my National Park Passport.

Stone Mountain

  • Stone Mountain Park: I’ve wanted to visit Stone Mountain forever, just to see the mural carved into the Mountain.

Clearly I could spend at least a week in Atlanta alone when traveling through Georgia, and this doesn’t even include all the other attractions in the area! I’ve just picked my favorites. Follow my current travel journeys on Instagram by following sitesandbitesjournal.

Suggestions pulled from Georgia’s 2017 Travel Guide

Georgia Bucket List: Historic High Country

Heading west from our last bucket list post, we have reached Georgia’s Historic High Country which also features those wonderful Appalachian Mountains. Here you can also find important sites linked to the Civil Warm and American Indians.

This list is significantly smaller than the last region, but still has some great things I’d love to check out!


  • The Tater Patch Farm: Living in the Midwest I’ve visited plenty of orchards during my life, but I’ve never been anywhere that let me pick my own potatoes. I love potatoes, so I think this definitely needs to be on my list!


  • Jacks River Falls: Another beautiful waterfall located among the Chattahoochee National Forest which extends into both this region and the Northeast Mountains.

Fort Oglethorpe

  • Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park: For those who don’t already know me, especially if you’ve just started following this blog, I love National Park Sites! I have one of those fancy National Park Passports to get stamped at each place so naturally this is a must. Plus its the nation’s oldest National Military Park!

Lookout Mountain

  • Rock City Garden: Ok I’ll admit it….I’ve been here twice already. Both on the way to Florida for family Disney vacations. But this place while it is touristy is also beautiful and filled with whimsical imagination. And when you reach the highest point along the trail you can see 7 states when the weather is clear. (Visited Summer 2001 and 2005)

Rising Fawn

  • Cloudland Canyon State Park: A giant gorge and waterfalls! Plus there’s also a disc golf course and cave tours! It’s got everything you could ask for in a state park!


  • Berry College Water Wheel: located on Mount Berry campus. It’s picturesque. Plus I could say I’ve been to Rome!


  • Veterans Memorial and Medal of Honor Park: A great tribute to our veterans and also a monument to 9/11.

Again of course this list does not contain everything. Give a shout out as to what other suggestions you may have in the area. Follow me on Instagram at sitesandbitesjournal for up to date adventures!

Suggestions pulled from Georgia’s 2017 Travel guide.


Georgia Bucket List: Northeast Mountains

Today I’m set to take you on a bucket list journey through the 1st of 9 regions in Georgia. Why start with Georgia? Well because that’s the first travel guide that arrived in the mail several weeks ago when I concocted this new idea for the travel blog! Northeast Georgia holds a special piece of adventure to me, because it’s where the Appalachian Trail begins for anyone headed Northbound on the trail. Someday Andrew and I hope to hike the entire trail so it’s quite exciting to think about where that journey would begin!

Since this area is more mountainous than others, you’ll notice quite a few more outdoor attractions and parks located on this bucket list. Everything is organized by city/town in alphabetical order.


  • Vogel State Park: This park is kind of a jack of all trades with hiking trails, a lake, waterfalls and CCC Museum


  • Panter Creek Falls Trail: Listed as one of the great hikes to take in Georgia. 7 miles will take you to a beautiful waterfall.


  • Watson Mill Bridge State Park: Home to Georgia’s longest covered bridge.


  • Dahlonega Gold Museum Historic Site: Site of the nation’s first gold rush


  • Amicalola Falls State Park and Lodge: Home to the highest waterfall in the Southeast and also Appalachian Approach Trail.


  • Walking Tour of Our Solar System:  1.8 mile walking tour that puts our solar system into a new perspective


  • Brasstown Bald: Highest Point in the State of Georgia


  • Shields-Ethridge Heritage Farm: Outdoor agricultural museum complete with cotton gin!

Lake Rabun

  • Minnehaha Falls: Another great waterfall to check out!


  • Tugaloo State Park: Yurts to camp in! I just really want to camp in a yurt!

Tallulah Falls

  • Tallulah Gorge State Park: You have to cross a suspension bridge to see the gorge. Sounds like a great adventure to me!

As said before, this of course is not a complete list of everything there is to do in the Northeast Mountains of GA but more accurately the list of attractions I would want to check out in the future.  Comment below with any ideas you’d include!

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All information pulled from Georgia’s 2017 Travel Guide or various articles found on Pinterest.