Lion’s Den Gorge Nature Preserve ~ Grafton, Wisconsin

As promised, here’s another favorite old haunt we visited while back in the Cedarburg area in July. Lion’s Den Gorge is a beautiful nature preserve located along the bluffs of Lake Michigan. We arrived mid morning on a Sunday thinking it would still be an early time to explore, but boy were we wrong! The parking lot was packed and we actually just had to park along the side of the roadway into the preserve.

There are a few porta-potties located near the parking lot and then a map of the area. We began our hike that day by taking the bluff trail for some nice scenic views as we hiked down into the gorge and toward the lake. You can take this trail all the way down to where wooden steps and bridges have been built that lead all the way down to Lake Michigan. Be prepared for lots of stair steps if you go all the way down!

The beach area is more rocks than sand, but is such a nice place to sit and relax. There’s plenty of space to spread out even on a busier day.

On our way back up the trail we opted to take the gravel path back to the car instead of the bluff path. The gravel path simply takes you along the edge of the woods and has a prairie to the other side, but is more of a straight shot in and out versus the bluff path that weaves along the edge of the lake and the woods.

For a fairly simple and short hike, this is a beautiful area to explore!

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