Storybook Land ~ Aberdeen, South Dakota

I’m a little embarrassed to say it took us as long as it did to actually pay a visit to Storybook Land seeing as how we live so close, but we finally made it happen for my birthday last month. While of course geared towards younger kids, it was a fun place to explore and reminisce about the fairy tales from our childhood.

Storybook Land is filled with various sculptures depicting different fairy tales and nursery rhymes. They also have several simple amusement park type rides that you can purchase tickets for and enjoy. If all you want to do is walk the grounds like we did, it’s 100% free! All these various sculptures are located around the central focal point of the Storybook Land Castle, which sometimes is used for different plays during the summer season.

Storybook Land also contains The Land of Oz, as the author of Wizard of Oz had ties to the Aberdeen area during a portion of his life. You can follow the yellow brick road through the land of Oz and watch the familiar story play out in front of you. I may have been overly excited that they even included those talking trees from creepy forest scene!

Our afternoon at Storybook Land offered us some great photo ops and was a fun, free way to spend an afternoon. Now that we know we are moving out of state, I’m glad to say I went and had the experience.

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