Illinois Bucket List ~ Trails to Adventure Region

Today we have a smaller bucket list region as we head to the southern portion of the state. Again, this list is based off of the towns they feature for the region online, so it is possible there is more to explore, I’m just working with what the website had to offer!

Alto Pass

  • Bald Knob Cross: Huge 111 ft tall white cross structure that overlooks the Shawnee National Forest.


  • Lusk Creek Canyon: Huge gorge area to explore in Shawnee National Forest
  • Shawnee National Forest: Lots of trails and wilderness areas to explore in this forest. Don’t miss Garden of the Gods Wilderness area for some especially stunning views.


  • Giant City State Park: Gorgeous area to hike among the trees and rocks of Shawnee National Forest.


  • Pomona Natural Bridge: Gorgeous natural bridge that has a small stream run under it.

All attractions found on


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