Illinois Bucket List ~ Land of Lincoln Region

Today we head into the central area of Illinois, the famed home of Abraham Lincoln.


  • Decatur 9/11 Memorial: Created from a beam of the World Trade Center, this memorial honors all those who lost their lives that fateful day.
  • Griswold Conservation Area: Beautiful smaller park to hike.
  • Lake Decatur: Large reservoir where you can enjoy many water activities.


  • Challenger Learning Center: Provides tours and missions for all ages.
  • ISU Horticulture Center: Fun garden area to explore local plants.


  • Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum: Learn all there is to know about Abraham Lincoln at this well laid out library and museum.
  • Ace Sign Company Sign Museum: Contains historic signs from Springfield and Route 66.
  • Illinois State Capitol: Take a tour of the current state capitol building.
  • Illinois State Museum: Explore the life and history of the state of Illinois.
  • Lincoln Home National Historic Site: Visit the home of Abraham Lincoln and his family when they lived in Springfield.
  • Lincoln Memorial Garden Nature Center: Garden that honors the life of Abraham Lincoln located along the shores of Lake Springfield.
  • Lincoln Tomb: Visit the final resting place of this great president.
  • Old State Capitol: Tour the old state capitol building and learn about the many famous events that took place there.


  • University of Illinois Arboretum: Beautiful park and garden area located on campus.
  • Wandell Sculpture Garden: Free outdoor sculpture garden.

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