Dempsey’s Brewery Pub & Restaurant ~ Watertown, South Dakota

Hey everyone! Long time no see again! I’m so sorry! This summer has been pretty chaotic!

Today I’m going to feature the restaurant we chose to dine at following our visit to Bramble Park Zoo in May. I had done a quick search on TripAdvisor the night before our visit, and found Dempsey’s Brewery to be ranked quite high on the list! We decided to give it a go after the zoo.

When we arrived it was hard to find a parking spot, but we did managed to snag one next to the building in a gravel lot on the side. So beware that parking could be an issue. The place is quite large and had several open tables, but there were two large groups there when we visited, which caused quite a delay in us getting our food.

Dempsey’s is well known for their pizzas and of course,  their beers. We are not beer drinkers, and I had had pizza not to long ago, so I opted to go for a South Dakota standard and order their Chislic basket. Dempsey’s offers their chislic grilled or fried, but the only proper way to eat chislic is fried. That’s the whole definition of chislic: fried steak bites!


This was the best chislic I’ve had to date in South Dakota. It was coated with a nice buttery sauce and the fries were outstanding!

Andrew opted to somewhat go the pizza route and ordered their Mac/a/doodle/do Calzone. This calzone was filled with bier cheese sauce, macaroni, sausage, and bacon. Andrew seemed to really enjoy it. He of course had about half of it to take home as it was quite large.

We both enjoyed our meals and were happy to learn that they were opening another location closer to home in Aberdeen! We may drop back in to the Watertown location sometime but look forward to trying to new place as well! (And hopefully it won’t be quite as busy!)

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