Red River Zoo ~ Fargo, North Dakota

Back in May, Andrew ran the half marathon in Fargo. The day before, we chose to visit the Red River Zoo. The Red River Zoo is a rather small zoo located near several baseball fields. Despite it’s small size, we really enjoyed our time there.

We followed the numbered map that they gave us when we paid the small admission fee and began our time by the River Otters. After not seeing them at the Bramble Park Zoo a few weeks before, it was really fun to see this little guy bouncing around.

Most of the animals at the Red River Zoo are native to North America or other cold areas of the globe as their climate is similar to those of the Red River Valley. The Bald Eagles were looking particularly majestic during our visit.


The Red River Zoo also has a farm animal area where you can get up close and personal with several of them! I just loved seeing these sweet babies!


Overall, I think we spent roughly an hour checking out the various animals the Red River Zoo had to offer. Some may consider the admission high for the amount of animals there are, but you could tell the exhibits were well maintained and that they use their admission money wisely! It’s a great little zoo to kill some time at if you are in the area!

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