Lakeview Trail: Creve Coeur Lake ~ Creve Coeur, Missouri

One thing about living in a bigger city that can be tricky is finding a good place to take a nice walk. Our current neighborhood doesn’t contain a lot of sidewalk, so we have to get creative when we want to go for a longer walk. One of our current favorite places to do so is at Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park. One day while out walking, I took several pictures along the trail to give you an idea of what this walk brings you!


Creve Coeur Lake has several parking areas, but if you start off the main lot, this is the sign you will see. As you can see, this particular trail is a 3.7 mile loop and takes you around the entire Lake. The entire trail is paved and can be used by walkers, joggers, bikers, and even roller bladers. Early on there is a picnic shelter and also some park bathrooms.

As you move further along the trail, you can view the disc golf course that is located across the road.


As you can see below, they have a nice line along the path so that traffic flows well going both directions.


Near one of the other parking areas, they have a gazebo along the beach where you can rent canoes, kayaks, and stand up paddleboards for use on the lake. They also have a volleyball net located in the area for some added fun.

As you near the end of the “beach area”, you can stray just slightly off the path to see the waterfall. It wasn’t much to look at near the end of summer, but I’m sure it is a little more impressive in a wetter season.

After walking a bit longer along the lake shore, you will reach a crossroads. Continue to the right to stay on the paved path of Lakeview Trail. If you go straight, the path will take you around yet another lake (Mallard Lake which will be featured in another post later) and give you a much longer walk! You will also reach another crossroads shortly after the first. You want to continue under the overpass to stay on Lakeview Trail, or you will once again find yourself on a much longer journey. The second crossroads offers you another bathroom stop via a port-a-potty.


Once you’ve passed by both crossroads, the area becomes much more wooded and gives you some relief from the sun.

The woods eventually give way to more open space again. This space also opens up to a fairly large new project. They are putting in a whole bunch of new soccer fields on this side of the lake. I’ve included a picture of what they finished plan will include.

One final area of note before you reach the parking lot where your journey began is the area that was home to the rowing competition during the 1904 Olympics. Sometimes when you visit the lake, you can still see teams out practicing! They of course store supplies in the house shown in the picture below.

We love this trail along the lake, but it can get very busy during the evening and weekends, so plan accordingly. The nearby Mallard Lake Trail is far less busy and can be another great option if you don’t mind a slightly shorter walk.

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