Georgia Bucket List: Coast

The final installment of the Georgia Bucket List will prove to be a long list! It seems only fitting that the 9th and final post take us to Georgia’s coastal towns before moving into the Florida Bucket list series. As always, these attractions were found in the 2017 Georgia Travel Guide.


  • Earth Day Nature Trail: This is a self guided tour that takes you through marsh land.

Cumberland Island

  • Cumberland Island National Seashore: Not only is this part of my National Park Passport, it just sounds beautiful!


  • Folkston Funnel Platform: Apparently about 50 trains go through this platform in a day and is a gathering place for many train watchers.

Jekyll Island

  • Faith Chapel: This wooden chapel was built in 1904 and houses a beautiful stained glass window.
  • Georgia Sea Turtle Center: Sea Turtles! Hands on exhibits! Sounds like fun!
  • Driftwood Beach: This is a beautiful sounding beach!


  • Fort Morris State Historic Site: This fort was used in the Revolutionary War. How often do you hear about a Revolutionary War fort?


  • Historic Baptismal Trail: This is an interpretive trail that leads you through a historic area.


  • Birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low National Historic Landmark: This is where the founder of Girl Scouts grew up.
  • Coastal Georgia Botanical Gardens: Another Botanical Garden! We know my love for these!
  • Fort Pulaski National Monument: Another stamp for the National Park Passport; this is a Civil War fort!
  • Leopold’s Ice Cream: This sounds like a fun retro ice cream parlor with soda fountain.
  • Old Fort Jackson: This is the oldest brick fortification in the state and was built for the Revolutionary War.
  • Savannah History Museum: I love history museums and this one is located in an old rail station. Also happens to be home to the bench that Forrest Gump sits on while waiting for the bus.

St. Marys

  • Crooked River State Park: This sounds like a beautiful area to check out and has a way to connect to the Cumberland Island Ferry.
  • St. Mary’s History Walk: I already mentioned that I love history above and always think it’s the best way to learn more about an area I’m visiting.
  • St. Mary’s Submarine Museum: This is another addition I placed on the list for Andrew.

St. Simons Island

  • Christ Church, Frederica: The Wesley’s held service where this church is located, so this site has great religious historical importance.
  • St. Simons Lighthouse Museum: We love lighthouses so this is a must!

Tybee Island

  • Cockspur Island Lighthouse: Another neat lighthouse to check out!
  • Tybee Island Lighthouse: Another lighthouse that also happens to be the oldest and tallest in Georgia.

This is a very extensive final bucket list for Georgia, mostly thanks to Savannah being a major city in this region of Georgia, plus there are lots of little Islands to enjoy!


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