Wednesday July 15, 2015- Kansas City, MO

Day 4 in Kansas City provided us with another busy day!  It was quite stormy when the morning started off but we didn’t let it stop us!

Even though the skies were dark as we set out in the morning, we got to see some crazy clouds and hear some crazy thunder as we walked around the sculpture park located around the outside of Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  This is where you can find those iconic shuttlecocks in Kansas City.  Then as the rain moved in, we ran over to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art and looked through their small but intriguing art exhibits.

Following that we found ourselves heading over to the National World War I Museum and Memorial  What makes this museum so special is that Liberty Tower stands in the center of the memorial and overs sweeping views of the Kansas City skyline.  When we first arrived they weren’t allowing people up in the tower since storms were still rolling through.  Since we came on “World War Wednesday” we got in for half price, and the best part is any day you go here, the tickets are good for two days! We opted to go through the museum first.  It begins with a video on how WWI started in Europe and the first museum section details all the events that took place in WWI before America was involved.  Then you watch another video that overlooks a trench replica that details how America came to be involved in the war. The final museum section shows artifacts from the time when America was involved in the war.

We enjoyed lunch in the Museum Cafe, which was very classy.  We both ordered a soft pretzel with beer cheese dip, and when it arrived at our table…well let’s just say that’s the fanciest I’ve ever felt eating a soft pretzel!  The storm had moved out of the area so it was once again safe to go up in the tower. The elevator (which has been revamped) can hold 8 people at a time.  When you get to the top there are about 45 more stairs to climb, but then you can see great views of the city from the outside!  We spent some time up there taking pictures and then came back down and checked out the Museum store.

After our time in the museum we walked up the road to Union Station.  It is so neat to walk in there and see how historic everything still looks and that its so cool that you can still take the Amtrak from there.  We chose to visit because our friends from the night before had mentioned we should check out the special Gridiron Glory Pro Football Hall of Fame Exhibit that is there until Sept. 7.  Boy is this football loving girl glad we did!  We politely walked past all the KC Chiefs gear at the front but had a great time checking out some of the legendary players gear and an even better time trying out the hands on exhibits: like trying on football helmets and pads, helping make an instant replay decision, practicing our field goal kicks and making quarterback passes.  So worth the money!

After all those adventures we made our way back to the hotel, swam for a bit, and then grabbed our Crayola Cafe leftovers and dined in the hotel breakfast area.  We did decide grab some frozen yogurt at Sheridan’s, just up the street from our hotel.  All in all, a very fun day!

Total Cost for Day: $140.21

Art Museum: FREE WWI admission: $14 Lunch: $15.45 GridIron Glory: $31.90 Dinner: FREE Sheridans: $9.36 Hotel: $69.50


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