Tuesday July 14, 2015- Kansas City, Missouri

Day 3 in Kansas actually was spent on the Missouri side of Kansas City, back to the Kansas Side, and then back to Missouri again.

Day 3 was our actual anniversary during this third anniversary trip.  We really packed this day full of adventures.  We began our day at the Museums of 18th/Vine.  There are two great museums located at this location.  One is the American Jazz Museum and the other is the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  These museums charge $10 for admission to each, or you can purchase a joint ticket for $15.  We went through the Jazz Museum first.  I really like how they focused on different jazz artists and had listening examples, but also wished that several of their listening areas hadn’t been out of order.  Neither Andrew and I are into baseball all that much (although I’m trying hard since I live in Cardinals Nation) but I was blown away by the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.  I thought it was way more interesting than the Jazz Museum and learned a lot.  Very informative video at the beginning.  There’s lots to read, but they cover the main parts in the initial video so don’t feel like you have to read it all.

Following the museums, we drove over to the Crown Center.  The Crown Center is located right next to Hallmark Headquarters, and is filled with several specialty shops and restaurants.  We knew we wanted to check out the Crayola Cafe, and lucky for us, found two delicious Mac and Cheese dishes on what was also National Mac and Cheese Day.  They give you a placemat and crayons to color with while you wait for your food.  The food was really good and we had enough to take back to the hotel for leftovers later in the week.  We also found a cupcake place in the food court to get some dessert.

After lunch we went over to the Hallmark Visitors Center which offers you a great look into the history of the company for FREE.  The best part besides seeing the Christmas ornament exhibits was where you could make you own bow to put on a present.  You pressed a button and got to watch the machine make it in front of you.  Then it spit it out for you to take home!

After all that we went to the hotel for a quick dip in the pool before heading down to Overland Park, KS to meet up with some old camp friends of mine.  They took us out to Oklahoma Joe’s, which comedian Jim Gaffigan swears has the best BBQ in the nation.  I do have to say the brisket was darn good and I really like the spicy BBQ sauce.

Following that we spent some time chatting at their house and then made our way back to the hotel.

Total Cost for Day: $137.75

Museum admission: $30 Lunch/Dessert: $23.25 Hallmark Center: Free Dinner: $25 Hotel: $69.50


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