Michigan Bucket List ~ Central UP Region

So many fun things to do in the Central portion of the Upper Peninsula!

Beaver Island

  • Beaver Head Lighthouse: Located high on the bluff of Beaver Island.
  • Squaw Island Light: Located just a few miles north of Beaver Island.


  • Cedar River Lighthouse: This lighthouse is located at the mouth of the Cedar River.
  • Sand Point Lighthouse: Located in a park on the shores of Lake Michigan.


  • Fayette Historic State Park and Harbor: Visit this old “ghost town” preserved within this park.


  • Boney Falls Basin: Man made falls and lake area.

Grand Marais

  • Au Sable Light Station: Active lighthouse within Pictured Rocks Lakeshore.
  • Grand Marais Harbor Range Lighthouse: Small light located along the coastline.


  • Seul Choix Point Lighthouse: Lighthouse located in the northwest corner of Lake Michigan.


  • Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park: One of many impressive waterfalls in the area with several different observation decks.
  • Manistique East Breakwater Lighthouse: Small red lighthouse located in the harbor.
  • Palms Book State Park: This park is known for it’s gorgeous “Big Spring.”
  • Rainey Wildlife Area: Check out some hidden gem hiking trails in this area.


  • Black River Falls: Huge Waterfall with viewpoints.
  • Granite Island Lighthouse: Gorgeous lighthouse located on the island.
  • Little Garlic Falls: Small waterfall along the river.
  • Marquette Harbor Lighthouse and Maritime Museum: Picturesque red lighthouse located on a bluff above the lake.
  • Marquette Presque Isle Lighthouse: Small breakwater light.
  • Morgan Falls: Small falls along Morgan Creek.
  • Reany Falls: Another set of falls along a creek.
  • Unnamed Falls and Carp River Falls: Spectacular views of these roaring falls.
  • Warner Falls: Waterfall that can be viewed from the road.
  • Yellow Dog (Hills) Falls: Easy access falls.


  • Grand Island East Channel Lighthouse: Old abandoned wood lighthouse.
  • Grand Island North Lighthouse: Lighthouse located high on the bluffs of the lake.
  • Munising Fall Visitor Center: Located within Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.
  • Munising Range Lighthouse: Two lighthouses work in tandem to guide boats.
  • Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore: Hike along this lakefront area known for it’s multi colored rock formations.
  • Wagner Falls Scenic Site: Beautiful waterfall on Wagner Creek.


  • Michigan Iron Industry Museum: This museum is built atop an iron range to help share the history of the industry.


  • Crisp Point Light Historical Society and Lighthouse: Lighthouse located along the shores of Lake Superior.
  • Muskallonge Lake State Park: Explore this area along Lake Superior.

Rapid River

  • Peninsula Point Lighthouse: Located at the tip of the Stonington Peninsula.
  • Rapid River Falls Park: Small flat rock falls.

All attractions found on http://www.michigan.org


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