Washington Bucket List ~ North Cascades Region

Today we reach the final region of Washington before heading to the north towards Alaska! We end with the magnificent North Cascades.


  • Larrabee State Park: Forested park with many trails and a beach area that offers views of the sunset over the San Juan Islands.
  • Spark Museum of Electrical Invention: Interactive exhibits about how electricity experimentation has changed over time.


  • Artist Point: Offers views of glacier-encased Mount Baker.
  • Nooksack Falls: Dramatic 88 foot cascade.


  • Ladder Creek Falls: Take an evening walk when it is illuminated.

Mt. Vernon

  • Padilla Bay National Estuarine Reserve: Walk along the shore trail for a chance to see seals and falcons.
  • RoozenGaarde: One of the world’s largest flower farms.


  • Diablo Lake Vista Point: View the dazzling lake and mountain peaks.
  • Gorge Powerhouse: Take a tour of this 1930’s hydroelectric station.


  • North Cascades National Park: Home to many waterfalls and 1/3 of the glaciers in the lower 48.

All attractions found in the 2019 Washington State Visitor Guide.


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