Landmark Plaza ~ Saint Paul, Minnesota

One of that last things I wanted to be sure to revisit in St. Paul, was the bronze Peanut Statues found in parks downtown. I had thought that they were located in Rice Park, so we began to head that direction, but we actually found them in Landmark Plaza, so I clearly was mistaken! I’m glad we stumbled upon them before walking further!

Charles Schulz was a Saint Paul native, so these statues pay tributes to him. Landmark Plaza seemed a bit beat up on our latest visit, but it could just be all the winter weather they’ve faced this year!


Linus and Sally can be found chatting along the “wall”.


Charlie Brown and Snoopy are enjoying the sunshine on an elevated section of land.


Lucy bugs Schroeder in typical fashion.

I’d really felt like there had been more statures on previous visits, but this seemed to be all there was. Upon further research right before writing this post, it does appear that both Peppermint Patty and Marcie are actually located in Rice Park, although at the time of this writing, Rice Park also is “closed” for construction and revitalization, so I’m not sure what the status would be of those two sculptures.

If you are walking around downtown St. Paul, these cute sculptures are definitely worth a visit!

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