Amnicon Falls State Park ~South Range, Wisconsin

After spending a few nights on the North Shore in Minnesota, we spent one more day in Northern Wisconsin. As we made our way to our hotel in Ashland, we made a stop to Amnicon Falls State Park.

The area had recently undergone a lot of flooding, so only the main road into the park was open. We had to drive all the way to the campground area to buy our park permit. Wisconsin State Parks cost more per day if you have out of state plates, which we did. However, a small sign on their desk mentioned an hour long pass you can purchase for half the cost. I inquired about that and found it to be the best option for us.

Due to all the flooding the main road to the falls was closed, so we had to park at the end of the road and walk along it to the bridge to the falls. As we reached the end of the road, we got our first glimpse at High Falls. The covered bridge crosses over High Falls and takes you to the trail to get to Snake Pit Falls.


Before we crossed the bridge, we walked a little past the bridge to get a picture of Lower Falls.


Crossing onto the bridge, we got a nice view of Upper Falls.


A little ways around the trail on the island, you come to Snake Pit Falls.

Due to the flooding the area had recently experienced, several other areas along the island also seemed to have falls, but didn’t have any names. It made for some really neat photos though.

After crossing back over the covered bridge, we made our way across the road to view Now and Then Falls.

We loved how beautiful Amnicon Falls State Park was during our visit. I wonder how it looks when they haven’t had as much rainfall. The recent rainfall made our visit much more impressive.

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