Kansas Bucket List ~ Northeast Region

Many consider Kansas a flyover state, but it really does have plenty to do and see! Here is the 1st of 6 installments in the Kansas Bucket List series.


  • Amelia Earhart Birthplace Museum: Great place to begin learning about the famous pilot.


  • Iowa and Sac and Fox Mission State Historic Site: This area was set aside as a mission post for these three Native American tribes.


  • Kansas Territorial Captial Museum: This was the territorial capitol site and also where president Eisenhower’s parents were married.


  • Brown vs Board of Education National Historic Site: This is one we have visited and it was very eye opening to how Brown vs Board played out.
  • Evel Knievel Museum: Museum dedicated to this famous daredevil.
  • Kansas Museum of History: We had a great time visiting this museum that very clearly laid out the state’s history.
  • Kansas State Capitol: This capitol dome is so unique and a very cool experience to climb above it’s inner dome.

That’s all for the northeast!

All attractions found in the 2018 Kansas Travel Guide.


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