Wingate by Wyndham St. Charles ~ St. Charles, Missouri

After over a year of hotel stays, we finally had earned enough points to have a free hotel night through Wyndham. The one nice thing about Wyndham is you need the same amount of points saved for any room in their system. This isn’t super exciting if you are looking to stay in an area that is very low budget as is, but can be a huge perk if you are planning a trip to downtown Chicago and can get a room worth a couple hundred a night for free. That had been our first plan to use our points on, but sadly Chicago just wasn’t in the cards for travel plans for the near future.

Because Andrew and I wanted a date weekend without our dogs in St. Louis, we opted to find the “highest quality” Wyndham hotel in the area and use our points for that. The best one I could find was the Wingate in St. Charles. I say in St. Charles loosely because it’s no where near downtown St. Charles and actually much closer to nearby Weldon Springs.

Several people on Trip Advisor complained about the hotel because it’s on the edge of a research/industrial park and therefore isn’t within walking distance to any restaurants or shops. Since we were just wanting a quiet night away on our own, this didn’t bother us at all.

When we arrived in the early evening, we were asked if we were with either the wedding or the anniversary party…our answer…neither. There were two small buses parked out front that were shuttling people to either of those parties. Once those groups left, it was pretty quiet in the hotel, but we opted to avoid the pool area anyways in case it was taken over by one of the groups later on. They also have an outdoor pool, but it was a very cool day in April so the pool wasn’t open yet.  Off to the side of the check in desk there was also a small pantry store area, as well as an office use area, with the breakfast area straight ahead off of the lobby.

Our room was on the first floor just a few doors down from the pool and office areas. This meant we were subject to quite a bit of foot traffic down our hall as people came and went from the pool area.

When you walked into our room the bathroom was to the left and a spacious closet that contained a safe and ironing board was on the right.

We also had a small fridge/mircrowave and coffee maker counter top area on the right had side.

Our bed was straight ahead and to the right.

The TV was nice and big and the additional comfy chair was an added bonus to the room. There also was a desk directly across from the chair.


The room was very spacious and I could see this as being a great place to stay for a longer vacation. There was access to a walking path quite near to the hotel that hooks into a lot of other trail systems around the area. It also was a pretty short drive to Weldon Springs where there were several dining options to choose from; we opted for Cracker Barrel that night.

Breakfast the next morning had a nice spread, but was quite busy due to the other groups that were utilizing the hotel. Overall though, we had a wonderful and comfortable stay. I’d love to revisit sometime when the weather is warmer and utilize their outdoor seating area in the back!


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