Wyoming Bucket List ~ Parks to Parks Region

Today we embark on the final Wyoming Bucket List region: Parks to Parks. From here we will head into Nebraska! I will take a short hiatus from the blog Dec 23-Jan 3 to celebrate the holiday, but will jump right back in with my own state of South Dakota on Jan 4th! But enough about that! On to our final Wyoming region!


  • Independence Rock State Historic Site: Part of pioneering history, over 5000 names are carved into this rock.
  • Mormon Handcart Historic Sites: Several sites commemorate the Mormons who traveled to the area by handcart.


  • Fort Caspar Museum and Historic Site: Old military post in Wyoming.
  • National Historic Trails Interpretive Center: Tells the history of several historic trails that converged in this area.


  • Cheyenne Depot Museum: Railroad museum located inside the old depot.
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum: Museum that celebrates the Old West and the sport of rodeo.
  • Wyoming State Capitol: Of course this a must for us as we have hopes to visit each state capitol building one day.
  • Wyoming State Museum: Learn all about the history of Wyoming.


  • Camp Douglas Officers’ Club State Historic Site: This was the site of an Italian and German POW camp during WWII. All other POW camps in the state were satellites of this location.
  • Fort Fetterman State Historic Site: Wooden fort constructed by the US army in Dakota Territory.
  • Ayres Natural Bridge: One of Wyoming’s first tourist attractions, this is just one of three natural bridges in the US that has water running beneath it.

Fort Laramie

  • Fort Laramie National Historic Site: Significant trading post during the 19th century.


  • Oregon Trail Ruts: View deep wagon ruts from the Oregon Trail.
  • Register Cliff: Sandstone cliff navigational landmark along the trail where many emigrants chiseled their names.


  • Legend Rock Petroglyph Historic Site: View hundreds of petroglyphs on rock.
  • Hot Springs State Park: Explore the various hot springs that flow in the area.
  • Wyoming Dinosaur Center: One of few dinosaur centers to be within driving distance of excavation sites!

All attractions can be found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.


Wyoming Bucket List ~ Black to Yellow Region

We are back into our Bucket List series today and going to be rounding out the final two Wyoming Regions this week! Previously we hit upon the National Parks region, Salt to Stone region, and Rockies to Teton region. This region takes up most of the northern portion of the state.


  • Fort Phil Kearny State Historic Site: Outpost of the U.S. Army located along the Bozeman Trail.
  • Wagon Box Fight: Location of an engagement during Red Cloud’s War.


  • Buffalo Bill Center of the West: Complex of five museums that focus on the American West and the life of Buffalo Bill Cody.

Devils Tower

  • Devils Tower National Monument: This is one we have visited and loved hiking around the unique geological structure!


  • Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark: The Medicine Wheel is a large stone structure made of limestone.
  • Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area: Explore the landscape of the canyon area, which also has access from Montana.
  • Five Springs Falls Recreation Site: This vertical cliff habitat is home to a 100 ft waterfall.


  • Heart Mountain WWII Interpretive Center: Location of a Japanese Internment Camp.


  • Conner Battlefield State Historic Site: Site of the Battle of Tongue River between the Army and Arapahoe Tribe.


  • Trail End State Historic Site: Historic mansion that once was home to the Wyoming governor, John B. Kendrick.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.

Wyoming Bucket List ~ Rockies to Tetons Region

Moving on to the mountainous region of Wyoming today!


  • Ames Monument: Large pyramid dedicated to two brothers who helped fund the Union Pacific railroad.


  • National Bighorn Sheep Interpretive Center: Learn all about the habitat of the current largest herd of Bighorn sheep.

Fort Fred

  • Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site: Built to protect the Union Pacific Railroad from the Native Americans during its construction.


  • Museum of the American West: Museum dedicated to those who helped shape the American frontier, complete with a Pioneer Village.


  • Women’s History House: Museum dedicated to 13 famous women from the state.
  • Wyoming Territorial Prison State Historic Site: Former federal government prison.


  • Wyoming Frontier Prison Museum: Take a guided tour of this old prison.


  • Castle Gardens Recreation Site: See the petroglyphs carved on Castle Rock.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.

Wyoming Bucket List ~ Salt to Stone Region

Sorry all! I took a slight break from this last week, and will be again next week (we are finally getting away to the Northwoods of Wisconsin next week!) Today we move into the Salt to Stone region of Wyoming!


  • Piedmont Charcoal Kilns Historic Site: Neat site featuring the old kilns of the charcoal industry.

Fort Bridger

  • Fort Bridger State Historic Site: Began as a fur trading post and was a place for many to stock up along the wagon trails.


  • Granger Stage Station Historic Site: Site dedicated to this spot along the Pony Express.


  • National Museum of Wildlife Art: Fun museum that is dedicated to all wildlife art.


  • Fossil Butte National Monument: Great place to do some hiking while learning about paleontology and geology.

La Barge

  • Names Hill State Historic Site: Site along the Oregon/California Trails where people would carve their names.


  • Museum of the Mountain Man: Museum dedicated to the mountain men who explore the area in the 19th century.

Point of Rocks

  • Point of Rocks Stage Station Historic Site: Meeting point of the Overland Trail and Union Pacific Railroad.

Rock Springs

  • White Mountain Petroglyphs: Hike along hundreds of petroglyphs carved into the mountain.
  • Killpecker Sand Dunes: Explore a beautiful dune area.


  • Superior Ghost Town: Visit this “living” ghost town.


  • Flaming Gorge Recreation Area: Located on the border of Wyoming and Utah, this area has lots of adventure to offer.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide. 

Wyoming Bucket List ~ National Parks Region

Today we begin exploring a new state, Wyoming. Wyoming splits it’s tourism regions into five main regions, most of them covering a wide expanse of the state. Today’s is the one “smaller” region that simply encompasses the northwest corner of the state and is home to two national parks. Of course each park could probably included a bucket list of it’s own, but without going into huge detail for each on, this bucket list post remains quite short!

  • Grand Teton National Park: Located just south of Yellowstone, this park is known for its majestic mountain peaks and beautiful lake.
  • Yellowstone National Park: Yellowstone is a geological wonder. It’s filled with canyons, waterfalls, hot springs, mud pots and countless geysers. You can’t go wrong with a visit to this famous park.

All attractions found in the 2020 Wyoming Travel Guide.

Devils Tower National Monument ~ Devils Tower, Wyoming

This past fall I got to revisit Devils Tower 17 years after my first visit there, and it was still just a majestic and wonderful as my first visit those many years ago. Andrew had viewed Devils Tower from some of it’s many roadside vantage points with his family long ago, but it was his first time actually visiting the monument.

You pay a small entrance fee to visit the monument. From the entrance area, the road begins to wind upward towards the parking for the tower. Along the way, you will encounter several roadside pull outs where you can view the prairie dog towns.


You will continue upward towards the tower, passing a roadside turnout for the campground along the way. There are several parking areas as you near the tower. I suggest just finding a spot in one of the gravel lots as we did, instead of trying to find one in the paved lot/loop area near the visitor center. You’ll have to walk a bit further, but it’s better than searching for a spot. The visitor center has a small gift shop, and informational area, and restrooms accessed from the outside on the lower level. In the middle of the parking loop, there are also some picnic tables and an area for groups to meet. The tower stands majestically in front of you.


Devils Tower offers several different trails but we decided to take the paved (and most popular) Tower Trail. We decided to head out clockwise around the trail. We reached a fun vantage point shortly into the hike, but you are never truly without a few of the tower.


The portion of the tower is actually quite wooded and if you aren’t near other groups along the trail, it’s very peaceful!

Along the way, it’s also fun to stop and watch the different rock climbers scaling the tower. The photo below actually contains an old wooden ladder that was used in climbs long ago. Many still try to stick close to that route today.


The front portion of the monument is very rocky, and you can actually have some fun climbing on the boulders to get a closer view.


After completing the hike, we drove down towards the campground area to view the Sacred Smoke Monument and get another fun photo op in. The history of the sculpture is very interesting!

Finally, before we left the area, we decided to stop off and view the prairie dogs one last time, this time actually taking  a small trail further into their colony. I was amazed at how close we could get before they would scurry down their holes to safety!

Devils Tower is a must for anyone visiting Wyoming! It is such a unique place and offers great hiking opportunities. We loved the morning we spent there! Someday it would be fun to camp there and hike even more of the trails!

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