Oklahoma Bucket List ~ Northeast Region

Our final region in the Oklahoma Bucket List series before heading into Arkansas is the Northeast region.


  • Blue Coyote Winery: These winery boasts something unique…pepper wines.


  • Osage Hills State Park: Beautiful park located along the lake.
  • Phillips Petroleum Company Museum: Museum provides the history of Phillips Petroleum.


  • Washington Irving Memorial Park and Arboretum: This park is dedicated to one of New York’s most famous authors.


  • Nuyaka Creek Winery: Lots of fruit wines!


  • Blue Whale: The iconic Blue Whale located along Route 66.


  • Route 66 Underpass Mural: Unique art along the Mother Road.
  • Totem Pole Park: Oldest and largest example of folk art in the state.


  • Allen’s Conoco Fillin’ Station: Refurbished gas station.


  • Waylan’s Ku-Ku Burger: Claims to be one of the best burger joints along the Mother Road.


  • Chris Barbee’s Bowling Ball Yard Art: Another unique “art” display in Oklahoma.


  • Blue Dome Service Station: Old gas station along Route 66.
  • Cyrus Avery Centennial Plaza: Plaza dedicated to the Father of Route 66.
  • East Meets West: Symbolic Route 66 Midpoint: Located at Centennial Plaza,
  • Route 66 Village: This roadside stop shows the history of the city, including what makes it the Oil Capitol of the World.
  • Tulsa Postcard Mural: Another work of art located along the Mother Road.


  • Tenkiller State Park: This park boasts a lake perfect for scuba diving!

West Siloam Springs

  • Natural Falls State Park: Home to a 77 foot waterfall.

All attractions found in the 2018 Oklahoma Travel and Outdoor Guides.



Oklahoma Bucket List ~ Southeastern Region

Heading to the Southeastern part of Oklahoma for our Bucket List series today!


  • Museum of Creation Truth: Small natural history museum based on a creationist point of view.

Broken Bow

  • Old West Town Mini-golf and Jeb the Mini-golf Muffler Man: I love uniquely themed mini-golf courses!


  • Blue River Valley Winery: Fruit Wines!


  • Fort Washita Historic Site and Museum: Built to protect the Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes from the plains Indians.
  • World’s Largest Peanut: Great roadside photo op!

All attractions found in the Oklahoma 2018 Travel Guide.

Oklahoma Bucket List ~ South Central Region

With my time off from the blog, I’ve lost track of what number post this is in the Oklahoma series, but here it is…the South Central Region!


  • Greater Southwest Historical Museum: This museum focuses on the culture and history of the south central region.


  • Rusty Nail Winery: Lots and lots of fruit infused wines!


  • Chickasaw National Capitol Building: Serves as a museum for the Chickasaw tribe history and culture.

All attractions found in the 2018 Oklahoma Travel Guide.

Oklahoma Bucket List ~ Central Region

This post in our Oklahoma Bucket List series may be a bit larger due to the state capital of Oklahoma City falling into this region.


  • Pops: This diner is located along Route 66 and is known for it’s hundreds of sodas you can choose from.


  • Native American Muffler Man: Muffler Men were notorious along Route 66 back in the day.


  • Route 66 Interpretive Center: Another stop along the Mother Road.
  • Lincoln Motel: Features cottage style lodging along Route 66.
  • Historic Phillips 66 Filling Station: Cottage style gas station.


  • Giant Sonic Drink Water Tank: Another roadside oddity, a water tank designed to look like a Sonic Cup.


  • Native Spirits Winery: Just outside of the capital city, this winery offers a little something for any wine taster.

Oklahoma City

  • Greetings from OKC Mural: A fun work of art to check out.
  • International Gymnastics Hall of Fame: I love watching gymnastics during the summer Olympics, so I have a feeling this would be neat to see.
  • Milk Bottle Building: Oddity located along Route 66.
  • National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum: While in Oklahoma it only makes sense to check out cowboy heritage.
  • Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum: Museum and memorial dedicated to the OKC bombing.
  • Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden: Two things I love to visit!
  • Oklahoma History Center: I always like to discover things about another state’s history.
  • Oklahoma State Capitol: A must when visiting any capital city.
  • Oklahoma! Bricktown Mural: Art dedicated to the famous musical. Plus I’ve heard Bricktown is a fun area to visit.
  • Route 66 Park: Of course another stop along the Mother Road that can’t be missed.


  • Oklahoma Oil Museum: This is right up there with cowboys….Oklahoma is also known for it’s oil so I figure this is another must see.


  • Rock Cafe: This cafe along Route 66 helped inspire the character of Sally in Disney/Pixar’s “Cars”


  • Braum’s Family Farm: Braum’s is a local fast food joint, but this allows you to see the making of their ice cream.


  • Chisholm Trail Watering Hole and Historic Marker: Home to another famous marker along the Chisholm Trail.

All attractions found in the 2018 Oklahoma Travel Guide.

Oklahoma Bucket List ~ Southwestern Region

Sorry! I’ve been absent for about a month from the blog, but I’m glad to be back at it. Let’s start off by continuing on my Oklahoma Bucket List series by making our way to the southwest part of the state.


  • Museum of the Western Prairie: This museum tells the history of this region.


  • Entwined Vines Winery: This one has some fun sounding fruit wines.


  • Washita Battlefield National Historic Site: A national park site that is in my National Park Passport.


  • Oklahoma Route 66 Museum: A large part of Route 66 runs through the state of Oklahoma.
  • McClain Rogers Park and Historic Amphitheater: This park has a Route 66 themed miniature golf.


  • Chisholm Trail Heritage Center: Museum dedicated to this famous cattle trail.
  • Trail Ruts at Monument Hill Tower: A place to see trail ruts along the Chisholm Trail.

Elk City

  • National Route 66 and Transportation Museum: Since a large part of Route 66 runs through the state, they are also home to the National museum for the Mother Road.

Fort Sill

  • Fort Sill National Historic Landmark and Museum: This is a post-Civil War fort.


  • Red Rock Canyon State Park: The name says it all…this park contains a red rock canyon.


  • Lucille’s Service Station:  A classic historic gas station along Route 66.


  • Mount Scott: A prominent mountain in Oklahoma.

Lone Wolf

  • Quartz Mountain Nature Park: Another prominent mountain in the state, this one sits along the shores of Lake Altus.


  • Tire Man: This roadside oddity welcomes you to this small town.


  • Weatherford Wind Energy Park: A park dedicated to the wind energy farm located nearby.
  • Lucille’s Roadhouse Diner: Inspired by the gas station of the same name, this serves typical diner fare.

All attractions found in the 2018 Oklahoma Travel Guide and Oklahoma Route 66 Guide.

Oklahoma Bucket List ~ Northwestern Region

New state today! We are moving south to Oklahoma! First up is the panhandle! Lots of fun state parks in this region.


  • Sod House Museum:  A chance to see a real sod house.


  • Gloss Mountain: Park filled with beautiful mesas and buttes.


  • Great Salt Plains State Park: This park gives you the opportunity to dig for crystals.


  • Black Mesa State Park: This is Oklahoma’s highest point.


  • Roman Nose: This park has a beautiful waterfall and also a mini golf course.


  • Boiling Springs State Park: Boast easy to hike trails.

All attractions taken from the  2018 Oklahoma Tourism Guide.