Nevada Bucket List ~ Neon to Nature

Our final installment in the Nevada Bucket List series is a unique one! All of these attractions can be visited by basing your travels out of Las Vegas, and extending down three separate paths! Therefore, I’ll be splitting this post into 4 sections, one for each path, and one just on things to do in Vegas. Next week, we venture to Arizona!

Red Rockin’ Loop

Las Vegas

  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area: Located just outside of Vegas, this is known as one of the most breathtaking areas of Nevada.

Blue Diamond

  • Spring Mountain Ranch State Park: These springs are what brought ranchers and pioneers to the area.


  • Pioneer Saloon: This is a century old establishment with Foot Network worthy grub available on site.

Fire and Water Loop


  • Gold Butte National Monument: Stunning sandstone area filled with rock art and Depression-era structures.


  • Lost City Museum: Gives a glimpse into the life of the Ancestral Puebloans.
  • Valley of Fire State Park: Nevada’s first state park that is filled with sandstone formations.

Colorado River Corridor

Boulder City

  • Hoover Dam: Everyone wants to check out this grand engineering marvel.
  • Techatticup Mine and El Dorado Canyon: This was the site of Nevada’s first gold strike and is now open for tours.

Things to Do in Vegas

  • National Atomic Testing Museum: Museum that focuses on all the atomic testing performed in the area.
  • Nevada National Security Site Tour: This is a behind the scenes tour offered by the National Atomic Testing Museum that allows you to tour a test site where bombs were once tested.
  • Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort State Historic Park: This fort was built when the first European arrived in what would later become Las Vegas.
  • The Neon Museum: Of course the strip is all about its Neon Lights, so visiting the Neon Museum is a must while in the area!

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.


Nevada Bucket List ~ The Death Drive

Today’s post is a smaller one as we travel from Death Valley back to Vegas again.


  • Death Valley National Park: This park is split across both Nevada and California and is the hottest, driest, and lowest National Park in our country.
  • Rhyolite Ghost Town: Located just outside of Death Valley, this town was abandoned over 100 years ago, but is still a favorite photograph spot for those exploring ghost towns.

Amargosa Valley

  • Big Bovine: This giant cow makes for a fun roadside attraction and the town is also home to the World’s Largest Firecracker as well!

Las Vegas

  • Desert National Wildlife Refuge: This is the largest wildlife refuge found in the Lower 48.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Free-Range Art Hwy

The Free-Range Art Hwy in Nevada technically runs from Reno to Las Vegas, but in my list I’ve already featured Reno several times in previous journeys so mine will start in Goldfield just south of the end of the Extraterrestrial Highway that was featured in Tuesday’s post.


  • Goldfield Historic Cemetery: Worth a walk through to see some of the unfortunate passings of old west residents.
  • International Car Forest of the Last Church: An ever changing sprawling garden of stacked and sticking out of the ground vehicles.
  • Rocket Bob’s “Art Cars”: Parked along Goldfield’s main drag, these cars are truly a work of art.

Rhyolite Ghost Town

  • Goldwell Open Air Museum: I want to visit just to check out the ghostly version of the Last Supper.

Las Vegas

  • Seven Magic Mountains: Photo op of colorfully painted boulders with a mountain back drop!

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Extraterrestrial Highway

Aside from Vegas, Nevada is probably best known for its love of the extraterrestrial. Today we get to travel down that quirky ET Highway.


  • ET Highway Sign: The fun begins with a sign marking the beginning of the ET highway.
  • Alien Research Center: Here you can find a wide assortment of alien and UFO related literature, as well as all the Area 51 souvenirs you could possibly want!
  • E.T. Fresh Jerky: Some good old alien fun can be found at the pit stop that also boasts the “cleanest restrooms in Area 51.”


  • Little A’le’inn: This is the closest bar, grill, and motel to Area 51 and also provides plenty of photo ops.


  • Tonopah Historic Mining Park: Come explore the park where the “Silver Rush” began.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Great Basin Highway

Today’s Nevada Bucket List journey takes us from Great Basin Park down to Las Vegas. I’m guessing this has to be one of the prettiest areas of Nevada outside of the Lake Tahoe area given the number of parks that exist along this stretch of road. This highway also has several off shoots from the main drag to ensure you see all the the area has to offer.


  • Great Basin National Park: This park features one of Nevada’s tallest mountain peaks and also Lehman Caves.


  • Ward Charcoal Ovens State Historic Site: This park features several beehive shaped kilns the provided charcoal for the mines.


  • Boot Hill Cemetery: It’s rumored that in this lawless city of the West, 72 people were buried with their boots on before someone died of natural causes.
  • Echo Canyon State Park: Park surrounds the Echo Canyon Reservoir, an ideal place for camping and hiking!
  • Million Dollar Courthouse: This courthouse was set to be built back in the mining days for a fourth of what it actually cost to build. Today it serves as a museum.


  • Beaver Dam State Park: Nevada’s most remote state park is filled with canyons and waterfalls.
  • Historic Elgin Schoolhouse State Historic Site: This old one room school house gives a glimpse into frontier live and sits in the ghost town of Elgin.
  • Kershaw-Ryan State Park: This is a spring fed paradise filled with hikes through the gorge.


  • Cathedral Gorge State Park: This park was once completely underwater and now is filled with slot canyons and hoodoos.

Las Vegas

  • Nevada State Museum, Las Vegas: This museum features exhibits on showgirls, the atomic age and the Rat Pack.
  • Springs Preserve: Home to interactive exhibits, botanical gardens, and hiking trails.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Loneliest Road in America

Today’s Bucket List Post takes us across the “Loneliest Road in America”, which surprisingly has quite a bit I’m interested in checking out! This stretch takes us from Carson City, to the town of Baker on the border!

Carson City

  • Nevada’s State Capitol: All state capitols are on my bucket list, so this is a must.


  • Dayton State Park: Beautiful park that has mining history along the river.
  • Republic of Molossia: Leave the country without leaving Nevada in this quirky tourist “Country”.


  • Sand Mountain: this is a 6 story tall singing sand dune.


  • Middlegate Station: This Pony Express station turned restaurant has been in existence since 1860.


  • Kingston Canyon: This once is actually located a bit south of the Loneliest Road, but worth it for the stunning canyon views.


  • Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park: Showcases Ichthyosaur fossils and an old mining town.


  • East Ely Railroad Depot Museum and Nevada Northern Railway: 1907 is frozen in time at this museum and you can even ride on a working steam locomotive.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.


Nevada Bucket List ~ Lake Tahoe Loop

Today’s Nevada adventure brings us to the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. This loop will take us along the shore of the lake and then back up to the capitol city of Carson City.

Incline Village

  • Lake Tahoe Nevada State Park: Providing some of the best vistas along the lake, this park takes up much of the shoreline on the Nevada side of the lake.


  • Mormon Station State Historic Park: Where Nevada started, and also some history about the Pony Express!


  • Dangberg Home Ranch Historic Park: This area preserves on of the first ranches found in Nevada.

Carson City

  • Nevada State Museum: This portion of the state museum is housed in the old US Mint, which you can still see an old coin press in action!
  • Nevada State Railroad Museum: Features several unique train cars and steam engines.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Burner Byway

Today’s Nevada roadtrip takes us a long the Burner Byway, named for it’s gateway to the annual Burning Man festivities that take place in the Black Rock Desert at the end of the road. Our journey begins in Reno and then heads north towards the famed desert.


  • National Automobile Museum: Known as one of America’s top ten automobile museums, this looks like a car museum I actually could enjoy!
  • Nevada Museum of Art: This looks to be a funky art museum and those are the kind I enjoy!
  • Reno Playa Art Park: This area contains larger than life art that once stood in the Black Desert during the Burning Man Event.


  • Pyramid Lake: This lesser known lake has beauty compare to Lake Tahoe. Sure to stun all who visit with far less visitors!


  • Guru Road AKA “Dooby Lane”: Using the desert elements to inspire art, don’t miss these funky roadside attractions.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.


Nevada Bucket List ~ The Rubies Route

Today’s Nevada journey takes us along the Rubies Route. To do this, the best suggestion they have is to make your basecamp in Elko (also located on the Cowboy Corridor), and explore to the north, south, and east of there. So for this route I will be going back to my alphabetical lists since Elko is the basecamp and these sites can be visited by spreading out from there!


  • Northeastern Nevada Museum: This museum provides insight into the history of the area.


  • Lamoille Canyon: This is the largest valley in the Ruby Mountains.

Ruby Valley

  • Ruby Lake National Wildlife Refuge: Great place to kayak and search for some of the 220 bird species that live in the area.

Spring Creek

  • South Fork State Recreation Area: Beautiful area to hike and take in stunning sunsets over the Ruby Mountains.


  • Angel Lake: Mountain lake that is said to steal the hearts of hikers and photographers.
  • Metropolis Ghost Town: This was once a town of 1000 that had a railway and newspaper!

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.

Nevada Bucket List ~ Cowboy Corridor

Hey everyone! Today we move into a new state for the bucket list series, Nevada. Nevada’s 2019 guide is split a little differently in that, instead of “regions,” it’s broken down into 10 different “roadtrips.” This means some cities will be featured in more than one list and also means instead of going alphabetically like I normally do with cities, this will be in the order you will find attractions along the route, which when you think about it is probably more accurate to how you’d want it if you really are traveling along the route.

Today’s Route takes us along I-80 or what the guide calls “Cowboy Corridor.” This is a 400 mile route that would take 5.75 hours to drive. It will take us from West Wendover all the way to Reno, since we are “entering” from our previous state of Utah.

West Wendover

  • Wendover Will: Will is a 63 foot Neon Cowboy welcoming you to the Cowboy Corridor.


  • California Trail Interpretive Center: This center teaches all about the pioneers who traveled along the California Trail.


  • Buckaroo Hall of Fame: Honors the areas “Legendary Buckaroos.”


  • Lovelock Courthouse: This is the nation’s last round courthouse and outside of it you can add your lock to the never ending chain in the name of love.


  • Reno Rodeo: This rodeo has been occurring for 100 years now. It takes place in June and offers a great glimpse into rodeo life.

All attractions found in the 2019 Nevada Travel Guide.