Field of Dreams Movie Site ~Dyersville, IA

Andrew’s parents came to visit us over Father’s Day weekend. The day they were headed towards us we asked if they would want to meet us in Dyersville to visit the Field of Dreams Movie Site. We have a habit of watching that movie whenever we get together, so it seemed appropriate.

The grounds consist of the baseball field, a ticket/gift shop stand, and the house. You have to purchase tickets to take the guided tour of the house. We didn’t much care if we saw the inside so we opted to just spend some free quality time on the field.


As you can see many people were enjoying a nice catch out on the field. If this is something you want to do make sure to bring your own bat, ball, and gloves. They may have had some there for use, but it was quite busy when we were there so we were glad to come prepared.

I’m not much of a baseball player, so I sat on the bleachers and took pictures of Andrew playing catch with his parents.

If you look closely you can see I’m sporting my “Field of Dreams” shirt from RAYGUN. I’m glad I remembered to wear it that day. In case you are also wondering the only bathrooms available on site are port-a-pottys. We wound up purchasing our own copy of the movie on Blu-ray and also got a few postcards from the gift stand. They also had a variety of t-shirts and key chains among other souvenirs available for purchase.

If you’ve ever seen the movie I highly recommend visiting the site. Follow sitesandbitesjournal on Instagram to see our most recent travel adventures.