Jefferson City

A few months ago my husband and I took a day trip to Jefferson City.  It helped me cross off another state capital visit from my list.  We drove there on a Friday night and toured around the city all morning on Saturday.  We started our visit at the state capitol.  It was a beautiful space and I loved how we could walk around freely on our own.  They had two exhibits in wings of the building to learn about the history and economy of Missouri.  In the main area we could tell they were getting ready for a large Pro-life ceremony so we toured quickly and got out of their way.


After checking out the inside of the building we walked down the block to check out the Governor’s mansion.  It wasn’t open for touring that day, probably because at that point we stumbled into a March for Life parade and found fellow LCMS church members in the middle of it!

After we finally were able to walk on the street again after the March went by we walked outside the Capitol grounds and checked out the neat fountains and statues outside.  Unfortunately even though it was a beautiful day, since it was still “winter” the fountain wasn’t running.

We ended our time in Jeff City by going to Lutz’s BBQ for lunch.  One bite into the sandwich and my husband declared it the “best brisket he’s ever had!” I have to agree that all the food was quite delicious!