Maine Bucket List ~ Lake and Mountains Region

Heading into the final region of Maine today before we dive into New Hampshire next week! We will be taking a few days off surrounding this weekend to just enjoy some downtime and hopefully a short day trip of our own!


  • Maine Wildlife Park: This park allows you to view 30 species native to Maine that for various reasons cannot be returned to their original habitats and are being raised at the park.


  • Range Ponds State Park: Located around the Lower Range Pond, this park has a swimming beach, great kayaking, and hiking.


  • Grafton Notch State Park: This park offers ample hiking a lots of waterfalls, including the stunning Screw Auger Falls.


  • Height of Land Viewpoint: Great view over this lake region.
  • Outdoor Sporting Heritage Museum: Explore the rich history of the area that made this the outdoor sporting haven that it is.
  • Rangely Lake State Park: Great hiking along this lakeside park.


  • Rumford Falls: Chain of waterfalls along a river. Many can be viewed from the walking trail.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.


Maine Bucket List ~ Kennebec Valley Region

We now move back into a more populous area of Maine. This region features the city of Augusta and the surrounding areas.


  • First Amendment Museum: This museum is dedicated to the understanding of our First Amendment and the rights it guarantees.
  • Maine State Museum: Explore the history of the state.
  • Old Fort Western: Former British colonial outpost built during the French and Indian War.
  • Viles Arboretum: Beautiful botanical garden with 6 different hiking trails.


  • Ladies Delight Light: Island lighthouse on Lake Cobbosseecontee which can be viewed by boat.


  • Blueberry Hill: Hike to the top of this hill for some stunning vistas of this mountain area.


  • South Solon Meeting House: Historic church building from the 1840s.


  • Bigelow Preserve: Enjoy several hikes in this mountain area, especially the Fire Warden Trail.


  • Colby College Museum of Art: Amazing art museum on this college campus.

West Forks

  • Moxie Falls: Hike this trail to one of Maine’s highest waterfalls.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.

Maine Bucket List ~ Aroostook Country and Maine Highlands Regions

Today we combine together two regions in Maine as both areas are more sparsely populated and therefore were both shorter lists!

Beaver Cove

  • Lily Bay State Park: Located on the shores of Moosehead Lake, the second largest lake in New England.


  • Maine Forest and Logging Museum: This open air museum helps preserve the history of the logging industry in Maine.


  • Gulf Hagas: Huge gorge that has a beautiful waterfall feature.


  • Peaks-Kenny State Park: Hike trails and enjoy the beautiful white sand beach at this park.


  • Moosehead Marine Museum: Offers historic cruises along Moosehead Lake.
  • Mount Kineo State Park: Hike to the summit of this mountain via a moderately strenuous trail along the ledges.


  • Madawaska Four Corners Park: This park claims itself to be “one of the four corners of the USA” (lower 48 of course!)


  • Baxter State Park: This park sits near the end/beginning of the Appalachian Trail.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.

Maine Bucket List ~ Downeast Acadia Region

Heading into the area that is super high on my overall bucket list for the United States as this is home to Acadia National Park! Of course, as we are still along the coast, there also are a lot of lighthouses again.


  • North Island Light: Located at the end of the bay, it is best viewed by boat.

Bass Harbor

  • Bass Harbor Head Light: Located on the southern tip of Mount Desert Island.


  • Blue Hill Bay Light: View only by boat.


  • Whitlocks Mill Light: Can view from a Rest Area off Route 1.


  • Dice Head: View only by boat.


  • Petit Manan Light: View only by boat.


  • Little River Light: Best viewed from a cruise.

Deer Isle

  • Eagle Island Light: View only by boat.


  • Telephone Museum: Shows the history of the telephone and its impact on the economy.


  • Great Duck Island Light: View only by boat.
  • Mount Desert Rock Light: Use as whale research station, view by boat.

Isle au Haut

  • Isle au Haut Light: Accessible by ferry. Only grounds open to public.


  • Baker Island Light: View only by boat.


  • Moose Peak Light: Get a distant view from Great Wass Island.

Little Deer Isle

  • Pumpkin Island Light: View from the mainland.


  • Lubec Channel Light: View distantly from shore.
  • West Quoddy Head Light: Visit the grounds and keeper’s house musuem.


  • Libby Island Light: View only by boat.


  • Narraguagus Light: View only by boat.

Mount Desert

  • Acadia National Park: Beautiful park for hiking and scenic ocean coast views.

Northeast Harbor

  • Bear Island Light: View only by boat.

Prospect Harbor

  • Prospect Harbor Light: Located on military base, but can be viewed from the base entrance.

Southwest Harbor

  • Wendell Gilley Museum of Bird Carving: Beautiful wood artwork of birds can be viewed at this one-of-a-kind art museum.


  • Deer Island Thorofare Light: View only by boat.

Swan’s Island

  • Burnt Coat Harbor Light: Grounds open to public and can be reached by ferry.

Winter Harbor

  • Egg Rock Light: View only by boat.
  • Winter Harbor Light: View only by boat.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.

Maine Bucket List ~ Mid-coast and Island Region

Today’s region is a longer list because it is filled with something we love to seek out when traveling along coastlines: Lighthouses!


  • Doubling Point Light: Grounds open to public and can be viewed from a sightseeing cruise.
  • Squirrel Point Light: Access the grounds from a trail.


  • Maine’s First Ship: A rebuilding of the first ship to be built in America.
  • Maine Maritime Museum: Explore the state’s maritime history and how it had a global impact.


  • Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens: Beautiful gardens that include a mile of tidewater shoreline.

Boothbay Harbor

  • Burnt Island Light: Entrance to Boothbay Harbor.
  • Ram Island Light: Best seen from sightseeing cruises.


  • Pemaquid Point Light: Entrance to two bays.


  • Camden Hills State Park: Provides beautiful views overlooking the bay.
  • Curtis Island Light: Public park accessible by boat.

Casco Bay

  • Ram Island Ledge Light: Privately owned lighthouse you can view by boat.


  • Franklin Island Light: Viewed only by boat.
  • Perkins Island Light: Viewed only by boat.
  • Pond Island Light: Viewed only by boat.


  • Cliff Trail: Popular trail that features a waterfall.
  • Halfway Rock Light: Seen from the southern tip of Bailey Island.


  • Grindle Point Light: Can be reached by ferry.


  • Mantinicus Rock Light: Island maintained as a bird sanctuary.


  • Monehegan Island Light: Tour the grounds a museum.

North Haven

  • Goose Rocks Light: Visible only by boat.

Owls Head

  • Rockland Harbor Southwest Light: Grounds are open to the public.

Popham Beach

  • Seguin Island Light: Open to private boaters and sometimes accessed by cruise tours.

Port Clyde

  • Marshall Point Light: Grounds open to the public.


  • Rockland Breakwater Light: Located at the end of the breakwater.


  • Beech Hill: Summit this hill via a trail.
  • CMCA: Enjoy the emerging art at this museum.
  • Indian Island Light: Lighthouse best viewed from Rockport Maine Park.


  • Cuckolds Lighthouse: View from the public landing in Southport.

Spruce Head

  • Two Bush Island Light: Visible only from boat.

St. George

  • Tenants Harbor Light: Only visible by boat.
  • White Head Light: Station not open to public. View from afar.

Stockton Springs

  • Fort Point Light: Grounds accessible to public.


  • General Henry Knox Museum: Learn all about the life of Revolutionary War Hero, Henry Knox.


  • Brown’s Head Light: Grounds open to public.
  • Heron Neck Light: Only visible from boat.
  • Saddleback Ledge Light: Only visible from boat.

West Southport

  • Hendricks Head Light: View from a beach in West Southport.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.

Maine Bucket List ~ Greater Portland Region

Today we head to the region of Maine that holds its largest city: Portland.

Cape Elizabeth

  • Fort Williams Park: This large park holds several historic sites.
  • Portland Head Light: Explore this picturesque lighthouse located within Fort Williams Park.


  • L.L. Bean: Explore the largest (and first ever) L.L. Bean at its flagship store.


  • First Parish Church: Visit this historic church that was built in the 1800’s for a congregation that existed since the 1600s!
  • Mackworth Island: Hike the perimeter of the island.
  • Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse: Walk out on the breakwater to view this lighthouse.


  • Bradbury Mountain State Park: Hike trails along this mountain. There’s a loop trail designed for hikers of all abilities.


  • Scarborough Marsh: Explore this salt water marsh area.

South Portland

  • Bug Light Park: Enjoy this ocean walkway that leads to this little lighthouse.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.