Days Inn Spearfish ~ Spearfish, South Dakota

After exploring Spearfish Canyon, we found our hotel for the night. The Days Inn is located just off the interstate on the west edge of town. There are several shops and restaurants nearby.

I was a bit put off right away when we checked in as we were told we were “lucky” they had a place for us since they were overbooked. Seeing as how I had reserved our room months before, I didn’t appreciate being told that! Especially since the parking lot never even filled that night and I maybe saw two other guests in the hotel during our time there.

We were given a room on the second level, which was fine as we had minimal luggage to lug up the stairs to our room. I also always appreciate an upper floor level room as it means no one is walking above you.

Upon entering the room a small closet space was to the left with a luggage rack, along with the sink. Clearly they’ve had issues with people using their nice white wash cloths for makeup removal or on their motorcycles in the past, so they had a specially marked colored cloth that could be used for that purpose.


The rest of the bathroom was in a room off to the right. Standard run of the mill toilet and shower/tub.


Our room was quite spacious with two queen beds, 2 arm chairs, a tv stand with tv, microwave and mini fridge, and also a random table.


The table really threw me off as there’s no chair that actually functioned with it, so it seemed kind of pointless. I also thought it was really odd to have a hotel room that wasn’t completely carpeted (I’ve only had hard floor in beach resort rooms prior to this.) It was really weird to have laminate wood on part of it, but carpet by the beds. The whole thing made me wonder how clean the floor really got with housekeeping having to clean it in two different ways.


We did not breakfast at the hotel, but they did have a small breakfast area right down by the lobby. Overall, I was not impressed with the facility for the price we paid. I would have expected a little better given this ran me twice as much as many Days Inns typically do, but it also seemed to be the best price in town.

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Days Inn ~ Austin, Minnesota

On our way down to the Quad Cities area, we made a pit stop in Austin, Minnesota for the night. While there, we stayed at the Days Inn. It was a small hotel, but the price was right, it earned us more points with Wyndham rewards, and the location was convenient.

Check in was very easy for us upon arrival at the Days Inn. There were two levels at this hotel (no elevator), but our room was just up the stairs one the far end of the hotel. We were able to park our car close to the back door and easily use that to access our room.

The bathroom was off to the right upon entry, and we were pleasantly surprised with the newer looking vanity top and a whirlpool tub! Yes, I did take advantage of that!

Our king size bed was centered nicely in the middle of the room. Excuse the chaos of the picture. I snagged these in the morning before we left!


Similar to our Days Inn stay in Des Moines a few months prior, they had a “closet” space located on shared wall of the bathroom/bedroom space. I think it’s odd that once again it wasn’t in the entry way or closed off, but this seems to maybe be a new trend in Days Inns.


In front of the bed was a large TV stand/dresser and a smaller stand that contained a microwave and fridge, with a desk off to the side.


The Days Inn also had a small breakfast area, with a separate room that contained tables and the coffee maker area. As is typical of Days Inns, the breakfast options were limited, but we still found something good to eat.


Overall the hotel isn’t much to write home about, but it worked for a place to lay your head. It was located just off I-90 and near both a Walmart and Hy-vee, as well as several restaurants.

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Days Inn & Suites by Wyndham Des Moines Airport ~ Des Moines, Iowa

Over Memorial Day Weekend, we made a trip down to visit friends in Southern Illinois. We left after Andrew was done with work, and knew we would only make it part way so we booked a hotel in Des Moines, Iowa for the night. We opted for the Days Inn near the airport as it was budget friendly, closer to the south end of town for an easy getaway the next morning, and part of our Wyndham rewards program.

The parking lot for the hotel is a little interesting to get into, as it’s behind another hotel and off of a busy street that is rather difficult to make a left turn on when heading south. It also is a very unique building as it appears to be two separate hotel buildings that were joined in the middle to create a hotel twice the size of a normal Days Inn.

We got lucky, and after checking in, our room was in the same building as the lobby, so it was just a short elevator ride up to our room. Upon entering, the bathroom was to the left, and a small closet containing a luggage holder was on the right.

We had a king size bed that faced the TV set. It was later when we arrived to town, but if I remember correctly we did watch a little bit of TV before turning in for the night.


I did find it awkward that despite the closet in the entry area, there was a separate rod on the one side of the bed, along with the ironing board. Why not just stick it in the closet? Just past the TV there was also a desk. As you can see, the lighting in the room really was not helpful in getting decent pictures.


The one other thing the room had to offer was a cozy chair on the other side of the bed. As you can see, for us it turned into a luggage holder for the night!


The Days Inn near the airport worked for the night, and would be a great place to stay if you need to get there the night before a flight or the night a flight returns as they offer transport to the airport, (which is right across the street), and also have deals for leaving your car parked there. It worked for a cheap night stay for us, but I wouldn’t want to stay here long term.

Our breakfast selection was good, and we did end up staying a little longer in the morning while we waited for a storm to roll through. The weird thing was they were broadcasting previous news and weather when we were trying to get updated weather info from the local news channel! The hotel also has a pool, but since it was in the other building, we never ventured over to check it out.

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Days Inn ~ Sioux City, Iowa

We experienced our first hotel stay with our dogs when we moved from St. Louis to Groton. Without dogs (and with stops) driving non-stop takes about 14 hours and that just seemed crazy knowing we’d have both dogs and one of us driving a U-Haul, so we decided to make Sioux City our pit stop for the night.

Lots of things played into how we picked our hotel for that night. The first is that we are Wyndham Rewards members, so we wanted to find something in their chain of hotels. The second was that we needed somewhere that would allow two larger dogs in a room for a night. Most of the Wyndham properties in Sioux City limited it to a combined weight of 30 lbs. The Days Inn had nothing listed weight wise, and when I called and explained our situation they completely understood and told me “sometimes small dogs make even bigger messes than big dogs anyways.” The third thing we needed to make sure of was that they had room for a U-haul in the lot, which they assured me they did.

Upon arriving at the hotel around dinner time, I went into the lobby to check us in. As I waited my turn behind a few other construction workers, I grew slightly concerned as the front desk had a sign listing the 30 lb rule. Not sure if this is something they chose to list after I had booked our room, or if they always have the sign displayed, but don’t necessarily follow it. Either way they didn’t question me on the size of the dogs, just gave me the price of my room with the two dogs added in.

Our room was upstairs, but at least right off the stairwell, so it made it easy to bring the dogs in the side door and get right up to our room. I wasn’t sure how they would be with all the noises hotels may have, but as you can see below, they settled in just fine.

The great thing about this Days Inn’s location is it is near several gas stations, which allowed Andrew to take both my car and the U-haul to fill up so it was ready for morning. It also has several fast food joints located nearby so Andrew also brought us both back some Culver’s to the room so we didn’t need to worry about leaving the dogs alone. A Taco Bell was right in our backyard and a Burger King was also attached to a gas station nearby if you were looking for other options.

If you are staying in the area for a longer time (or without dogs to keep track of), they also had a nice pool area right off the lobby, along with a breakfast nook. I can’t remember if we ate their breakfast or not, or if we just grabbed something to bring up to our room and that’s why I’m not remembering. The nice thing was that given it’s proximity to another restaurant, there also was a nice grassy patch in between the hotel lot and theirs for the dogs to relieve themselves.

If you are looking for a cheaper place to stay in Sioux City, I do recommend the Days Inn. It was easy to access and had all the comforts you need for a short stay.


Days Inn St. Louis/Westport ~ St. Louis, MO

As a Wyndham Rewards member, I tend to look for Wyndham hotels to stay at when we travel anywhere. While Days Inn is not the top of the line hotel, there prices often can’t be beat. This particular Days Inn in St. Louis (actually the suburb of Maryland Heights), had a great deal if you stayed for more than two nights. We really enjoyed our time at the hotel, especially the outdoor pool, given the heat of the week!

The lobby area of this Days Inn was quite lavish compared to most other Days Inns I’ve stayed at in the past. Our check in was very simple and we were directed to park in the back so that we would be closest to our room. While our room was technically on the first floor ground level, the back of the hotel has a lower level area, so after parking we did have to go up one small flight of stairs to reach our room. I took plenty of pictures of our room space, but please bear with the clutter as I took these our last day there after we’d been there for 4 nights!

When you walked into the room, the bathroom was just off to the right. I always like it when the sink area is separate from the rest of the bathroom, and this was especially nice sharing it with my sister. The shower water pressure was decent and we both even used the tub once as well. The carpet was a little worn, but other than that decent over all.

Directly ahead, there was a dresser, large TV, and desk on the left. We also had a queen bed, and couch on the right. It also was nice to have the coffee table by the couch as we used it to play games on during the week. There also was a small fridge and microwave just beyond the desk, both of which we used frequently as we often had leftovers!

The one downside to the hotel was the breakfast area. They had a nice selection of food and plenty of space to sit, including outdoor seating, (not that anyone would have wanted that when we visited!), however, one day we thought it would have been nice to take our leftovers to the breakfast area to eat seeing as how that coffee table wasn’t very conducive to eating food, but they had the breakfast area roped off. When we asked about it they said they didn’t want to have to clean it again, so we could only eat in our room or outside. Not a huge deal, but also not the norm from what I’ve had at other hotels.

Their outdoor courtyard space was very nice. They had lots of picnic seating and even a gazebo. This is also where the pool was located and most afternoons, despite the heat, we had it to ourselves to use. They had plenty of lounge chairs around the pool as well!

If you are looking for a cheap, yet safe feeling place to stay in the St. Louis area, I highly recommend this Days Inn. It’s located just off Interstate 270 so it’s fairly easy to access and just a short 20 min to half an hour drive into downtown depending on traffic.

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