Best Western Lees Motor Inn ~ Chamberlain, South Dakota

While on our way home from the Black Hills region, we spent a night in Chamberlain, South Dakota, right along the beautiful Missouri River. We stayed at the Best Western Lees Motor Inn, that while showing its age, was a wonderful location to stay. This Best Western is two levels, with doors on the outside. It is right down by the river, so you can easily access a river walk path to the north, and there are a few restaurants close by.

Our room was right next to the lobby on the lower level. We were able to park our car right in front of our room to unload our few bags. The room opened to a spacious bedroom area, that held a bed, table/desk, armchair, desk chair, and TV stand with TV, fridge and microwave.

The small doorway led to the sink and closet area. The sink was to the left and closet to the right.

The doorway beyond the closet led to the rest of the bathroom facilities.


On of the really unique features of this hotel was that they had a separate building for the pool area. We had the whole pool area to ourselves the night we were there. It was a huge space and also contained the ice machine. Note: They do lock it after pool hours, so get your ice early!

I didn’t get any pictures of breakfast, but they had a wide selection in a room off of the lobby area. (It actually would have been on the opposite side of the wall from the TV in our room.) They had several tables to dine at and the selection had several hot options including biscuits and gravy, eggs, and a waffle maker.

We really enjoyed our stay at the Best Western in Chamberlain, and enjoyed all the time we spent in that peaceful town!

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Best Western Ramkota ~ Rapid City, South Dakota

This past fall, the annual fall pastors conference for our state was held in the conference center attached to the Best Western Ramkota, so it was suggested that all participants book a room there. While it was not the quality of last year’s Holiday Inn stay, the hotel was still decent, but I do think next year I’d stay somewhere on the other side of the interstate or closer to downtown where I tend to spend most of my time during the conference.

Our room was located on the first floor of this sprawling building. We had to drive around the side and park in a lot closer to our room for ease of access. Our room had two queen beds and a sliding patio door that led you to a “lovely” view of the parking lot.


The coffee maker and a large mirror were located just to the left upon entering, right outside the bathroom. I actually like having a counter a mirror space outside the bathroom as it can be a great place to do hair/make up without hogging the bathroom, or trying to cram both of us in the bathroom space at one time! As you can see the bathroom was a bit cramped!

Our two beds were on one wall, and a large TV sat on an entertainment center that also housed a microwave and mini fridge. There also was a small table/desk and chair.

The Best Western Ramkota in Rapid City does have a few fun perks in that they have a restaurant onsite (Minerva’s, although this means no free breakfast included.) and they have both a standard swimming pool and a waterpark pool in separate rooms across the hall from each other. Due to having the waterpark, they require all guests to wear wristbands if using either of the pool area, but this helps keep out non-paying people from using it! We didn’t use the waterpark space as it’s just us two adults, but did enjoy some time in the pool and hot tub. The main pool area also contains a small kiddie pool off to the left of the entrance, the hot tub is to the right.

Because of the hotel’s crazy expansion of buildings, there also is a nice courtyard area in the middle. You can access if from several hallways and also the main pool area. They have several tables out in that area where you could enjoy a meal. Some lower rooms even open up to the courtyard, and they also have little doggie clean up bag posts so you could take your furry friends out to that space.

While this is not my favorite place to stay in Rapid City, it worked out just fine for the time we were there. We probably won’t stay here again, but I wouldn’t discourage people from staying here either! For me the location just wasn’t as great as others.

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Best Western Cantebury Inn and Suites~ Coralville, IA

Due to the nature of Andrew’s vicarage our annual anniversary trip had to be more of a staycation. We boarded our pup, Theo at Lucky Pawz in Iowa City and spent two nights at the Best Western Cantebury Inn and Suites in the sister city, Coralville.

Because we were staying local, we splurged a little more than normal for a hotel as we would only have a few miles to drive. Plus it was our 5th anniversary so it seemed right to splurge just a little. This hotel caught my eye because of it’s unique medieval theme. Bonus was they had two different suites. I booked the one that I thought was located inside one of the turrets, but when we got there they actually placed us in the other one that is on a level all of it’s own. This meant our room was on just one level, instead of the two different levels with a spiral staircase, but we actually preferred this as it meant absolutely no neighbors and very little noise from the outside as well. The turret room would have probably had some road noise, especially since they were doing some road construction nearby.

Our suite was called the Royal Knight Suite and was not even located on the hotel map. We could enter though a side door and then walk up two different flights of stairs that led right to the doorway of our room. It’s pretty exciting to have your own staircase!

When we entered the room, we walked right into the living room/kitchenette space. The whirlpool tub/shower that was in our room is located between the living room and bathroom area, but I suppose this could be nice if you want to watch TV while in the whirlpool.

I loved the unique architecture of the space and it was a great plus to have a nice fridge and microwave for use as we knew we’d have leftovers to keep over the next few nights. Yes, we could have run them home the few miles, but that would have ruined the “trip” atmosphere.

The bathroom area had a nice long sink space with double sinks, a closet, and a toilet in it’s own separate room. Andrew always is a fan of that; I don’t really care either way! As said before the shower was built into the whirlpool area. It had three different shower heads which was amazing, but confusing to figure out which knob went with each at first. We also found the quickest way to fill the whirlpool was to also run all the shower heads.

Through another set of doors was the bedroom space. Since it was July, we did not utilize the gas fireplace found in the bedroom, but I imagine it would be nice and cozy in the winter. The bedroom also had a TV of it’s own and a very misleading short set of stairs leading to a locked door that would lead out to the roof if you could get out.

The Best Western also had a nice pool area. The picture online will show a cool stained glass ceiling, but that doesn’t actually exist anymore. The pool area also has what looks to be an old bar, but it isn’t in use, more than likely for safety reasons. They have lots of tables that you can sit around and eat snacks just outside the fenced pool area. Several rooms have patio or balcony space overlooking the pool. Some vending and laundry was located nearby and they also had a Foosball and pool table.  The hotel supposedly had a workout room, but as we wandered through the rather dark lower level, we had no luck in finding it to snap some pictures.

The hotel also had a nice breakfast. Pretty standard hotel fair, including a waffle maker and biscuits and gravy. They had plenty of seating in the breakfast area, which was nice because that’s not always the case. If you stay during the week they also provide a complimentary dinner. Not sure what that entails as the Thursday evening that we checked in we had eaten at Old Chicago right before. There are several great restaurants within a short drive down on the Coralville strip.

If you are in the Coralville/ Iowa City area and are looking for a unique hotel stay, I definitely recommend the Best Western! I would gladly return again!