Alabama Bucket List: North

This is the final installment of our Alabama Bucket List series. All attractions were found in the 2018 Alabama Travel Guide.


  • Russell Cave National Monument: Another sites for our National Park Passport


  • Muscle Shoals National Heritage Area: This area was created to preserve the music, Native American heritage and Tennessee River in the area.

Fort Payne

  • Little River Canyon National Preserve: This looks like a beautiful waterfall filled area.


  • Noccalula Falls Park: This park is home to a 90 ft waterfall


  • High Falls Park: Another waterfall! This one has a pedestrian bridge over it.


  • U.S. Space and Rocket Center: Museum dedicated to the U. S. space program


  • Jesse Owens Memorial Park and Museum: A museum dedicated to the barrier breaking athlete.

Phil Campbell

  • Dismals Canyon: This is a National Natural Landmark and one of a few places where an insect called dismalites can be found.


  • Unclaimed Baggage Center: This is where all lost luggage goes to be sold after the search for it’s owners go incomplete.


  • Ivy Green: Helen Keller’s Birthplace and Home
  • Rattlesnake Saloon: This is another restaurant, which I don’t normally include on a list, but this one was too unique to pass up as it’s located under a giant rock.

That’s all for Alabama folks. Stay tuned for either Florida or Mississippi next. Not sure which travel guide will reach me first!


Alabama Bucket List: Central

Moving on the the 3rd of 4 Alabama Bucket List posts. This is another somewhat longer post as we have the major city of Birmingham in the area.


  • Anniston Freedom Riders Murals: These murals depict the attacks that happened to the Freedom riders at these stations.


  • 16th Street Baptist Church: Site of the 1963 church bombing that killed 4 young girls.
  • Birmingham Botanical Gardens: Looks like a gorgeous place for a walk!
  • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute: Museum that shows the struggle of the Civil Rights Movement
  • Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark: This area operated as a pig iron-producing business. It was one of the first industrial sites to be preserved for study after it’s closing.
  • Vulcan Park and Museum: The statue of Vulcan is the world’s largest cast iron stature and the adjacent museum helps preserve the history of Vulcan and the use of Iron in Birmingham’s history.


  • Horseshoe Bend National Military Park: Another stamp for our National Park passport and also a chance to learn about the Creek War, a war I know nothing about!


  • Honda Manufacturing of Alabama: A chance to tour a Honda factory


  • Tannehill Ironworks Historical State Park: A beautiful park setting that allows you to explore the old Ironworks


  • Oak Mountain State Park: This looks like a beautiful place to hike!


  • International Motorsports Hall of Fame: A shrine to all the greats of racing. My dad is a big NASCAR fan so sometimes it’s still interesting to check out racing exhibits.
  • Talladega Speedway: I’ll be honest and say I mainly want to take this tour after watching Talladega Nights.

That concludes our Bucket List for things to see in Central Alabama!

Alabama Bucket List: South

The second installment in the Alabama Bucket List series focuses on the Southern regions, including the major city of Montgomery. With two somewhat larger cities on the list, this list is a bit more lengthy than the first! All information has been gathered from the 2018 Travel Guide.


  • Johnston Peanut Butter Mill: This mill opened in 1929 to pump out jars and jars of a Great Depression staple. Since then it has opened as a museum.


  • Gaineswood National Historic Landmark: This is a huge plantation house built around the Civil War. When in the south, you best visit a plantation!


  • Dr. George Washington Carver Monument: Come pay homage to the peanut man!
  • George Washington Carver Interpretive Museum: We’ve visited his National monument in Missouri where he grew up, but it would be fun to see a museum in the area where he studied!
  • Peanuts Around Town: I love finding random city art!
  • World’s Smallest City Block: Seems like a fun roadside oddity to explore.


  • Boll Weevil Monument: A landmark to show appreciation to the “pest” who helped agriculture.


  • “A Celebration of Reading” Sculpture: This sculpture was put up to honor Alabama’s Literary Capital.
  • Monroeville Birdhouse Trail: As the home of “To Kill a Mockingbird”, these large birdhouses have been placed all over the county.


  • Alabama State Capitol: Another capitol building to check off our list!
  • Civil Rights Memorial Center: Alabama is bursting with Civil Rights museums and this seems like a good place to start.
  • The Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church and Parsonage Museum: This is where MLK Jr. spent time in the 1950’s.
  • First White House of the Confederacy: It’s always good to check out the “other” side of the war.
  • Rosa Parks Museum: A museum that pays tribute to the woman who is often given credit for starting the Civil Rights movement.
  • Freedom Rides Museum: A great way to learn more about the Freedom Ride movement.
  • Chris’ Hot Dogs: I don’t normally include restaurants on the list, but seeing as how it’s Montgomery’s oldest family owned restaurant, I’m guessing it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Museum of Alabama: I always like to check out state museums to give me an overview of the area.
  • Hank Williams Museum/Memorial Gravesite: Growing up listening to country music, I feel like this would probably be worth exploring.
  • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing: A free car factory tour? Sign me up!
  • Montgomery Zoo: I’m sure this would be well worth looking into!
  • The Mooseum: A museum about Alabama cattle industry.


  • Cooter’s Pond Park/See, Pick, and Eat Nut Grove: I think a nut grove sounds fascinating, even if I don’t care for nuts myself!
  • Wilderness Park/Bamboo Forest: I’m intrigued by a bamboo forest in Alabama!


  • Ancient Africa Enslavement and Civil War Museum: I think it’s neat that this museum starts way back at the enslavement portion of what became the Civil Rights Movement.
  • MLK Jr. Street Historic Walking Tour: I’m sure there would be lots of interesting tidbits to learn on this tour.
  • National Voting Rights Museum and Institute: I’d never thought much about this topic, but I bet the museum would be interesting.

St. Stephens

  • St. Stephens Historical Park: St. Stephens was once the easternmost city in the Mississippi Territory.


  • Confederate Officers Quarters: I think it would be interesting to see where the confederate superiors stayed.
  • Tallassee Confederate Armory: This is the only Confederate armory that survived the war.


  • Tuskegee Airman National Historic Site: A NPS site that celebrates African American airmen.
  • Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site: Visit the institute the Booker T. Washington created and where George Washington Carver taught.

Phew! What a list! Clearly we need a trip to Alabama ASAP!


Alabama Bucket List: Gulf Coast

I had hoped to move on to Florida as my next bucket list state, but the new 2018 travel guide has not shown up on my doorstep yet, so we will have to move to Alabama for now! Alabama will be broken into 4 different regional posts. The first is the Gulf Coast, which is probably the area of Alabama that is the most enticing to me!


  • Booth Scupture Park: Always fun to look at random art!
  • Gator Alley Boardwalk: Okay, some people say this is scary given the gator attacks that have happened, but I think a boardwalk allowing me to maybe see gators in their natural habitat sounds like fun.
  • Middle Bay Lighthouse: Another light house in another state for us to check out!

Dauphin Island

  • Dauphin Island Public Beach: What’s a visit to the Gulf Coast without some time at the beach?
  • Estuarium and the Dauphin Island Sea Lab: Seems like a great way to see some native sea life.
  • Historic Fort Gaines: Old forts are always fun to explore.

Gulf Shores

  • Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo: I love to check out zoos, to me the more the better! Andrew however would say otherwise.
  • Gulf State Park: This park claims to have beautiful beaches and trails, so it sounds like a sure winner.


  • USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park: This is a great chance to be able to check out an old WWII battleship
  • Fort Conde (AKA Fort of Colonial Mobile, as listed in the new 2018 guide): Another fun fort downtown to check out!
  • Gulfquest National Maritime Museum of the Gulf of Mexico: I’ve been to several Maritime Museums along the Great Lakes, but never along the gulf, so I think this would be interesting.
  • Mobile Botanical Gardens: Sounds like a nice beautiful walk.
  • Mobile Carnival Museum: From what I can gather Mobile and New Orleans seem to be at odds as to who started Mardi Gras first, so this would probably be worth checking out.
  • Mobile Mardi Gras Trail Tour: It seems as though there is a self-guided version of this online, so if I had some downtime, I’d check this out!

Spanish Fort

  • 5 Rivers-Alabama’s Delta Resource Center: Something about this intrigues me. Maybe it’s because we’ve toured a few Mississippi River centers.

Of course this is just a small list of what the Gulf Coast area has to offer, but I’ve picked that items I think best relate to our travels as a couple!