International Vinegar Museum ~ Roslyn, South Dakota

Well….I am long overdue for a new post on our sitesandbites blog! With moving 1500 miles across the country in October of 2022, I’ve taken my sweet time hopping back into this habit, but I have plenty of fun places to share both from last fall (prior to our move), up to the current date! So bear with me as we get caught up!

This first post takes us back to South Dakota to a tiny town called Roslyn just about a half hour north of Groton, which we called home at the time. Roslyn is a very unassuming town, but is home to the International Vinegar Museum and actually holds a big vinegar festival each year. It was opened by a chef from California and is managed by volunteers between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Since we were quickly approaching Labor Day, the time to visit was growing to a close!

This museum is housed in an old gymnasium but there’s a lot of info to cover on the different portable wall displays. They also have shelves and shelves of vinegar from all over the world! I had some fun translating those that were in Spanish!

As we rounded out our time, we were allowed to sample a variety of vinegars (generally of the balsamic variety.) A few were a bit tastier than I would have expected. You also can purchase some fun memorabilia or vinegar to take home with you!

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