24 Hours of Memories ~ Cedarburg, Wisconsin

As we made our way home from Cuyahoga Valley in July, we had one more stop we had to make along the way. This was to our first home of Cedarburg. We had so many fun places we wanted to revisit during our trip down memory lane. I’ll have a few posts dedicated to some places outside of Cedarburg, but here’s what we visited in town. (And one outside of town.)

The first place was actually outside of Cedarburg as Andrew wanted to stop by and visited Concordia Wisconsin’s campus as an alum. They have a gorgeous path you can walk down along the bluff that leads to a small little beach area on Lake Michigan. The lake was a perfect shade of blue the evening we visited.

After dinner, our next spot to visit was Amy’s Candy Kitchen. They are known for their candied apples, but Andrew loves their chocolate covered pretzel rods, and I’m a sucker for their sea salt chocolate meltaways. We took them over to the picturesque bridge area of the Interurban Trail that runs through town.

We spent the night in a private room AirBnB in town and enjoyed getting to know our host family and their young boys. It was a real treat to share bedtime stories with them. The next morning we grabbed muffins from the Kwik Trip (this used to be a locally owned PDQ station that had the most amazing muffins, but now switched to the more common Kwik Trip chain.) Then it was time for breakfast in Covered Bridge Park. We used to bring picnics here all the time.

We loved the two years we lived in this quaint little town and loved having a chance to revisit some of our favorite places. I’ll share a few more places from the surrounding area over the course of the week!

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