The Winking Lizard ~ Peninsula, Ohio

Our final lunch in the Cuyahoga Valley area may have been my favorite restaurant near the park. The Winking Lizard is a fine place to dine if you are jumping off the Cuyahoga Scenic Railroad tour and need a quick bite and also has ample parking for those touring the area by car as well.

The restaurant is of course aptly named, because their very own “lizard” is front and center when you enter the dining area.

As we were there for lunch, we opted to just order appetizers for our meal. Andrew of course went for the Mac and Cheese wedges. (He somehow managed to have Mac and Cheese in some form every day of this trip!) These were more of a Kraft Mac that was deep fried, but still tasty. I opted for the Soft Pretzel Bavarian Pretzel Sticks. They came with a side of cheese sauce and mustard, but as I don’t enjoy mustard, I just asked for double cheese. These were plenty filling and I had a few extra to take along for later. Note that this is just a standard nacho cheese dipping sauce rather than bier cheese as you can find in some places that offer pretzel sticks/bites. Either way, they are delightful!

We had eyed up the dessert option before even ordering, so we made sure to leave some space and ordered a slice of their Cookies and Cream Pie to share. It was so super tasty!

The Winking Lizard has a perfect laid back sports bar atmosphere and our server was phenomenal. I do recommend arriving early as I’m sure the place fills up when the train that travels through the National Park rolls through and stops at the Peninsula station. We actually had the joy of seeing it roll in right as we were leaving at the end of our meal. We didn’t pay to ride it through the park this visit, but it was still pretty neat to see!

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