Viaduct Park ~ Bedford, Ohio

Our third day in the Cuyahoga Valley region of Ohio was due to bring a lot of rain and storms, but we decided to venture out into the drizzly weather for as long as we could. We started our morning on the hunt for another waterfall, and it might have been my favorite of the trip.

Viaduct Park is hidden away in a more industrial part of town. There is a parking lot and when we arrived we were the only ones there. Right away you will notice some signage that discusses the viaduct and its historical use with the railroad.

This area was known for the electric company that took advantage of this creek area to harness some power. You can take a trail down towards the Falls of Tinkers Gorge and see many remains of old brick buildings and tunnels used during this process. It was really pretty neat!

While this waterfall is not the most impressive set of falls I’ve ever seen, I really enjoyed them as we had the park to ourselves and could really just enjoy exploring the history of the area and take in the beauty of the falls.

I highly recommend taking a trek over to this area of the Bedford Reservation if you are ever in the area. It really was a unique portion of the park and had some stunning beauty.

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