Whitey’s Burgers and Booze ~ Richfield, Ohio

Our second evening in Ohio, we decided to try a local restaurant just down the road from our hotel. The place was already packed at 5pm so it clearly is a place people like to hit up for happy hour after work.

The inside area was very dark, so I was more than happy to take a seat out on their patio area. This patio space is very much an open “garage” space, so they can easily close it off if the weather wasn’t as nice on a particular day. It was hot the day we were there, but still pretty tolerable as they whole space is covered with a roof.

One other important thing to note about Whitey’s is that they are a cash or local check place only! This worked just fine for us as we always travel with some cash on trips, but if you are used to just card, they did have an ATM just inside the door for you to pull out some cash to use.

Whitey’s had a lot of variety on their menu: appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, and even some entrees like Mac and Cheese. Andrew being the Mac and Cheese lover that is is went with that option, while I ordered myself a cheese pizza with white sauce.

As you can see, the Mac and Cheese had a variety of meat toppings you could add in. Andrew opted for crumbled hamburger. It also came with a salad and a side. Since Andrew didn’t want a salad, they offered him two sides instead, so he had fries and hushpuppies. He declared them some of the best hush puppies he’s had.

My pizza was super good but very filling. I had about 2/3 of it that night and took the rest as leftovers. The white sauce has a lot of garlic flavor, which was great for a garlic lover like me, but something to be aware of if it’s not your thing.

We were especially impressed with how quick our food arrived despite them warning that they cook everything after you order to ensure its freshness. A lot of times ordering either of these options at a restaurant can be a hefty wait, but I think our wait was 15 minutes or less from when we ordered!

Whitey’s was pretty tasty and somewhere I would recommend if you are ever in the area, but it wasn’t at the top of our list for places to eat out either! Definitely filling, a quick meal, and does provide a decent amount of leftovers!

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