Rhode Island Bucket List ~ Black Stone Valley Region

New state day for our bucket list series! Today we head into Rhode Island. Despite it being the smallest state, it still boasts seven travel regions, in large part due to the various islands off it’s coast. Today we start by exploring the Black Stone Valley.


  • White Mill Park: This park sits on the former site of two old mills.


  • Nine Men’s Misery Monument: Oldest veteran monument in the United States, this honors the loss of life of nine colonists during King Phillip’s War.
  • William Blackstone Monument: Marks the grave of the first white settler to settle in Rhode Island.


  • Blackstone River State Park: Park sits along the river and old historic canal.
  • Captain Wilbur Kelly House: Located along the old canal, this is the place to learn about all things with canal transportation.


  • Slater Mill: Historic textile mill located along the river.


  • Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge: Hike trails through the woodlands and rock formations.


  • Blackstone River Valley National Historic Site: Explore the sites where the American Industrial Revolution began.
  • Museum of Work and Culture: Focuses on the history of the textile industry in the area.
  • River Island Park: Local park with walking path.

All attractions found on visitrhodeisland.com


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