Island Park ~ Elkhart, Indiana

Last week we returned from a whirlwind roadtrip from South Dakota to Ohio and back again! Our first main pitstop along the way was in Elkhart, Indiana. We arrived in town by dinner time (at least for us given we had just made the switch from Central to Eastern time), checked into our hotel, and then decided we wanted to go somewhere for a decent walk after being in the car for countless hours that day. Chicago traffic especially wore us down!

After a quick scout on Google Maps, it seemed that Island Park would be a great place to get a nice little walk in. We actually parked in a small lot near the railroad tracks that appears to mainly be used for those fishing along the river. This allowed us to access the river walk and from there head over the bridge to Island Park.

As you can see from the photo above, bridge is the one way to access Island Park. Island park actually has three bridges into the park. One from the north, which didn’t seem to have a nearby parking lot, one from the south which could be accessed from the river walk via our small fishing lot, or you could park in the lot by a new fitness center, and one from the east near several banks and businesses, which I supposed you could park in later in the evening.

Once in Island Park, there’s a trail that winds around the islands perimeter. They also have a band shell, picnic area, small fountain, playground, and lots and lots of swing benches to sit on and enjoy the views!

These swing benches also exist along the River Walk, which is actually where we took our photo shown above!

The park was gorgeous and not very crowded which made it rather peaceful. We entered from the south bridge and exited on the east and then took the River Walk back to our car. It was fun to check out various portions of this park and the River Walk and was a great way to stretch our legs after the long drive, knowing we had a decent drive ahead of us the next day as well.

Elkhart seems like a lovely town, and maybe someday we will have to return to explore it further when we aren’t just “passing through.”

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