Phat Fish Brewing ~Dickinson, North Dakota

The day before the 4th, my old college roommate and I decided to head to a local brewery for dinner. The brewery has both indoor and outdoor seating, but seeing as how it was hotter than blazes outside, we knew indoor had to be the way to go. Apparently, so did everyone else, even though we thought we would be enjoying an “early” dinner.

The place was jam packed. Every single table was full. And while they were working to set up a few more (they were prepping for live music that night) we decided to just order to go and take things back to her apartment.

While we waited for our food, we did opt to sit at the bar. If you are sticking around and are a beer person (I am not) they have plenty to offer as it is a brewery. They also had cornhole in the outdoor seating area, and an ax throwing area further back into the brewery. It’s a pretty fun place!

I opted to order my brewery standard of pretzel bites and bier cheese dip. My friend ordered a Gyro pizza. They have all sorts of pizzas there, but they are pricey if only purchasing for yourself!

My pretzel bites were amazing! They were soft and buttery and gave you so many in an order! The cheese dip was of course amazing as well!

We really enjoyed our food and while I’m sure the brewery would have been fun to eat at, we were relieved to take it back to her place as it was incredibly loud with the crowd that was there. Maybe on another visit I can actually enjoy the atmosphere inside the brewery!

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