Blue 42 Grille~ Dickinson, North Dakota

I spent the past holiday weekend away from home visiting my college roommate in Dickinson, ND. This allowed me to try out a few local restaurants, so once again, we get a break in the Bucket List series and get some actual travel adventures to share in the mix of posts!

The first restaurant I got to explore in the area was Blue 42 Grille. This place was packed! Clearly it’s a popular place to be on the weekend (but it also could have been busier with the holiday weekend.) Luckily because it was just my former roomie and I, we were able to snag a table for two right away.

Blue 42 has a variety of items on the menu, but they appear to be best known for their burgers and have a large menu selection of various types of burgers, ranging from classic cheeseburgers, to stuffed burgers, and nearly anything you can imagine in between! While I normally go for a stuffed burger, that one you needed to allot extra cook time for, and being I had crossed from Central time to Mountain Time, I was already extra hungry. I was between two other burger choices but opted for the Queso Burger.

As you can see, the Queso burger came covered in queso cheese sauce and topped with French fries. Of course their bun had the signature “42” burnt into it as well. They had several sides to add to your burger, but I opted for extra French fries with mine.

The burger was quite delicious (although not as juicy as some places I’ve been, but I think that’s because it was more of a charbroiled outside.) The mix of queso and fries with each bite added a nice touch but it was incredibly messy! Just two bites in and I was begging for some utensils so that I could use a fork and knife with the rest. Initially I went without adding any ketchup, but I did add some on as I went as well. The fries were perfect crispiness and had a nice seasoning on them as well.

As much as I tried to finish my whole meal, I was filled to the brim with about three bites of burger left on my plate. I would definitely return again to try a few of the other burgers on their menu as well, and hopefully leave a bit more room to finish them!

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