Maine Bucket List ~ Kennebec Valley Region

We now move back into a more populous area of Maine. This region features the city of Augusta and the surrounding areas.


  • First Amendment Museum: This museum is dedicated to the understanding of our First Amendment and the rights it guarantees.
  • Maine State Museum: Explore the history of the state.
  • Old Fort Western: Former British colonial outpost built during the French and Indian War.
  • Viles Arboretum: Beautiful botanical garden with 6 different hiking trails.


  • Ladies Delight Light: Island lighthouse on Lake Cobbosseecontee which can be viewed by boat.


  • Blueberry Hill: Hike to the top of this hill for some stunning vistas of this mountain area.


  • South Solon Meeting House: Historic church building from the 1840s.


  • Bigelow Preserve: Enjoy several hikes in this mountain area, especially the Fire Warden Trail.


  • Colby College Museum of Art: Amazing art museum on this college campus.

West Forks

  • Moxie Falls: Hike this trail to one of Maine’s highest waterfalls.

All attractions found in the 2021 Maine Travel Planner.


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