Minsky’s Pizza ~ Kansas City, Missouri

On our final night in Kansas City we hit up a local pizza place that we had greatly enjoyed when we visited several years ago. This time around, we of course, got takeout and brought it back to our Airbnb. Lucky for us, they have several locations all over the Kansas City area, so when we ordered we only had a few miles to go to pick it up.

Minsky’s offers so many different pizza offerings, but we opted to go for a half cheese (for me) and half pepperoni (for Andrew.) We did also add extra mozzarella and cheddar to the pizza, which Andrew says is a must anytime we go from now on. We also ordered a side of Toasted Ravioli as that is one of Andrew’s favorite things that he misses from St. Louis, so we were happy to see it on the menu here in Kansas City as Well.

The only issue we had with the pizza was there was so much extra cheese, we had a hard time sorting out which side had the pepperoni on it! We figured it out while there, but when we had the leftovers later at home, we wound up having to swap after we accidentally chose each others’ slices! Whoops! Maybe next time we need to add some sausage to the meat half to make it easily to tell!

All in all, Minsky’s is an absolute must when visiting Kansas City. The pizza is huge and filling and should keep you for at least two meals each!

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