Q39 ~ Kansas City, Missouri

Wednesday night of our trip brought us to what has proved to be our favorite BBQ place in Kansas City. Q39 is newer to Kansas City’s BBQ scene, but is not to be missed! It’s even advised that you make reservations if you are planning to dine in (or be prepared to wait a ridiculous amount of time for your dinner as the tables will all be full due to how amazing this place is!)

We of course opted to take the “socially distant” options and ordered our meal online to go. The process of ordering online was simple. I’m not sure if they have a variety of sauces to choose from in person like many BBQ places do, or if they just have one standard option for all. We were not given choices online, so figured we would be surprised by whatever came with it.

It was just a short drive from our Airbnb to pick up our meal. They had spots lined up for those doing carside to go, and a waitress came out quickly to get our name and then ran back out with our food quickly.

As with most BBQ restaurants, I ordered the 2 meat plate options with brisket and pulled pork. There was a little condiment cup of sauce on the side that I drizzled on top (ok….later I doused it as it was really good sauce!) I also got a side of fries with mine. Andrew ordered much the same, only got three meats so he opted for brisket, pulled pork, and ribs. He got two sides: fries and beans.

This meal included fewer slices of brisket than Jack Stack from earlier in the week, but these slices were much thicker. This pulled pork…..AMAZING! Probably the best pulled pork I’ve ever eaten in my life. It was so juicy and had incredible flavor. The fries were super crispy and had a nice seasoning to them as well.

Overall the verdict was Q39 far surpassed Jack Stack. Andrew said his entire meal was better at Q39, while I still vouch for the brisket at Jack Stack but hands down the pulled pork from Q39. We both had enough to enjoy a second leftover meal as well! Q39 definitely gives you the traditional BBQ experience although I would be curious to find out if they do offer more than one sauce. I liked the standard sauce a lot, but I do love me some BBQ sauce with a kick!

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