Jack Stack Barbeque ~ Kansas City, Missouri

This past week, Sites and Bites Journal finally got back on the road again! We spent 4 days/5 nights in Kansas City, Missouri and loved being out exploring again, even if some pandemic precautions are still in place! We rented a lovely Airbnb (more on that in a future post), enjoyed good food, did some shopping, and also hit up a few local attractions that were back open to the public! We often ate our lunches in restaurants or in the car, but always got our dinners to go and brought them back to our Airbnb to help keep our contact with people to a minimum.

Our first day we did a lot of shopping at big stores like REI and Ikea that we just don’t have around here! We also did a lot of walking around our neighborhood and decided to even walk to grab out dinner that first full day at Jack Stack Barbeque. Luckily, our Airbnb was just a mile from the Country Club Plaza, which had many shops and restaurants, including Jack Stack. We placed our order online and then made the trek down the street to pick it up at the appropriate time.

Jack Stack has this fun bull sculpture right outside the restaurant and I couldn’t resist getting a phot while we waited the final few minutes for our order to be ready! Luckily they had a separate door for all the carry out orders, so it was quick and easy to grab out food and be on our way back “home” to eat.

For this particular meal, we both ordered the 2 meat plates with brisket and pulled pork. I got mine with a side of fries, which you can see from the photo, there were plenty of! Andrew got his with a side of cheesy potatoes which were also delicious. We both decided that the brisket was better than the pulled pork from Jack Stack, but both meats were super tasty. I ate about half that night, had a tiny portion as a late night snack later, and still had a decent sized portion for leftovers another night! We also both tried different sauces, with Andrew opting for the original, and I opted for the spicy. The spicy had a lot of kick to it, so I don’t even want to imagine what their hot version is like!

Jack Stack is definitely a more refined, “fancier”, BBQ experience than some other BBQ joints we’ve visited in the past, but is well worth the time and money to try! We highly recommend, but both agree that of the two BBQ places we visited, this was our second favorite. The best is yet to come in a future post!

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