Vermont Bucket List ~ Northern Region

Today we begin exploring Vermont! Vermont has just three regions as it is a smaller state, but is filled with many state parks and waterfalls!


  • Lake Champlain Ferries: Take this unique and fun way across Lake Champlain when crossing over from New York!


  • Mount Philo State Park: Take in views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks.


  • Niquette Bay State Park: Explore several walking trails on the shores of Lake Champlain.


  • Elmore State Park: Hike wooded trails along the lake or Mount Elmore.


  • Chester A. Arthur State Historic Site: Birthplace of the 21st President.


  • Cheever Falls: Two step falls near Walden.


  • Birds of Vermont Museum: Learn about native birds to the state and enjoy some wood carvings of birds as well.


  • New Discovery State Park: One of several state parks located in Groton State Forest. It provides access to lots of forest trails.


  • Vermont Teddy Bear Company: Tour the company that produces one of the largest numbers of teddy bears.


  • Bingham Falls: Hike a short 0.5 mile path to get to this little waterfall.
  • Moss Glen Falls: Hike this nearly three mile path to access views of the falls.
  • Smuggler’s Notch State Park: Take in the mountainous views at this park.


  • Big Falls: Another picturesque waterfall to enjoy.


  • Underhill State Park: Hike along the western slopes of Mount Mansfield, Vermont’s Highest Point.

All attractions found in Vermont’s Summer/Fall Vacation Guide 2020


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