Pennsylvania Bucket List ~Upstate Pennsylvania Region

Moving even further upstate today!


  • Ricketts Glen State Park: Features a beautiful waterfall.


  • Worlds End State Park: This mountainous area features an “S” shaped valley.


  • Salt Springs State Park: Another park that features some stunning waterfalls.


  • Nay Aug Park, Gorge, and Treehouse: Largest park in Scranton. Contains a large gorge and other fun entertainment.
  • Steamtown National Historic Site: Large railroad museum.

White Haven

  • Hickory Run State Park: Hike along the foothills of the Poconos.
  • Lehigh Gorge State Park: Hike trails along this gorge and explore more waterfalls.


  • Seven Tubs Nature Area: Explore these pothole tubs created by glacial melt.

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