Pennsylvania Bucket List ~ Pennsylvania Wilds Region

Moving further up and into the middle of the state today! Lots to see here!


  • Cook Forest State Park: Beautiful wooded park with several hiking trails along the bluffs.


  • Bald Eagle State Park: Wooded area along the lake.


  • Kinzua Bridge State Park: Walk along the old viaduct that overlooks the gorge.


  • Parker Dam State Park: Hike along this wooded area near the old dam.


  • Phantastic Phils: Explore the various groundhog statues located around town.
  • Phil’s Burrow: See the home of the legendary groundhog.


  • Kettle Creek State Park: Beautiful mountainous valley area.

South Williamsport

  • World of Little League Museum: Learn all about the history of Little League at this museum dedicated to the sport.


  • Sherman Memorial Lighthouse: Tour this unique lighthouse located on an island in the middle of the river.


  • Pennsylvania Lumber Museum: Explore the history of the lumber industry in the state.


  • Leonard Harrison State Park: Park located on the eastern edge of Pine Creek Gorge.
  • Pine Creek Gorge: Also known as Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon.

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